9 steps to success

In life we all have something to pursue, an objective and dreams to accomplish that makes us individual and special. Without goals and dreams life would be meaningless, It’s the reason we wake up each morning, pushing ourselves to succeed.

Now, who doesn’t want to be successful?  We all define success in very different ways whether it is for personal/freedom way, financial or mere sense of accomplishment. However, before even start to chase ‘the dream’ some basic steps are unnoticed or ignored. Is very important to know that simplicity makes everything possible and that there are some steps you need to take place first. I’m just going to remind you these easy basics ways to accomplish your goals.


Identify things that you love, things that gives you satisfaction. Imagine becoming successful, find the purpose of your goals. Set goals on a time frame.

Take the first step!

Success don’t just happen to people, it takes action. Sometimes we have to make risky decisions, in order to achieve our dreams we most do stuff we’ve never done before. There is no easy road, you just have to do it! You have to take action right away and take all opportunities that comes forward; chances are, best opportunities comes one in a life time, two for the lucky ones.

Don’t let FEAR interfere

Fear brings nothing but making you stuck or stopping you from progress. Forget about fear of failure (‘What if it doesn’t work out?’). Forget about negative thoughts, when you fear you lose everything. Be hungry of success, YOU REALLY WANT IT. You need to believe in yourself, and ‘speaking’ about believing..

B E L I E V E !

You need to believe that you’re meant for it, that you’re the one, that you can do it. People will disappoint you, people won’t believe in you, people will come to steal your dreams and it’s important for you to believe in yourself in order to achieve. If you don’t believe in yourself, Who will?.

Separate yourself from people

Some “friends” or pessimist people with negative thoughts that don’t support you must be kept away. Who needs someone pulling you off from your dreams? These certain people are obstacles that need to be eliminated. Negative feedback will always find a way to get to us. Use it for your own advantage to overcome a better person. Prove them wrong! Follow people who have goals and objectives in life, positive people will attract good vibes and motivation to keep you ongoing your path.


The most common reason of: why we don’t start, why we quit and why we don’t keep working on it. In the process like I mention above, you will have disappointments, pain, people walking out on you and moments when you’ll want to quit. It’s necessary to know that it’s part of the process, these moments will pass. However make these ‘moments’ a lifetime experience, learn from them, be better. Your success depends on your failures.


Create strategies, don’t let time control you and focus one priority thing: YOUR DREAM. Work for it, invest time in you. For instance; Your goal is to be a teacher, doctor, or a pilot. Go to college, read books, educate and work hard. You can live your dreams if you focus and you work for it. Be determine of your achievements.


Past is past. Forgive yourself so that you can move on. Think about the present working for the future. You can’t change the past BUT you can either learn from it or leave it in a chapter behind.


This is a personal opinion/experience. If you believe in God or any other extraordinary existence so be it. Sometimes you have all that requires to succeed, you had knock on so many doors and still nothing. Put a little faith on it. Faith keeps us moving.Pray and leave it to God, he’ll do the rest, you just keep working and you will see your seed grow.

Those are my thoughts. Achieve goals are challenging but sweet at the end, you’ll be proud of yourself although there are so many variables that it is impossible to determine how things will proceed, however knowing the basic will help you to through the process. There are so many ways and steps to overcome, Which are yours?

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