What to expect at Emirates assessment day..


So, you applied on Emirates online page and received an invitation to attend the assessment day (yeiii!!!) OR there’s an open day in your city in which you can attend and hand over your CV without an invitation. Therefore, you would like to know what to expect in order to be more prepared and successful. I would like to share my experience, maybe it can help some people.

An Open day consist in trying to stand out from all the crowd and turn in your CV and photo. Later that same day, if you succeed, the recruiter will call you to invite you for the assessment day. (In my experience I didn’t have an open day.)

I received my invitation 4 days after I applied and decided to attend the assessment day in Washington DC this past September.


What you need?

  • Photo (it can be full length photo, profile photo etc. Just try to bring a good photo and not too small, maybe 4×6 (regular size) or 5×7 (little larger) remember it’s your first impression.
  • Copy of CV (update)
  • Dress code Ladies-must be in knee-length skirt (suit) or dress with skin colored stocking. Men- Suit & tie.
  • Hair , Ladies-Try to make it as Emirates girls hair bun or french twist. I suggest not going with hair loose, since as for going with a tight bun it’s easier for them to imagine you with their uniform. Men- shave all facial hair .
  • Nails must be polished
  • ..and try to use red lipstick ladies. I know you think you’re trying too hard but you need to impress and look like Emirates wannabe’s crew.

We started at 9:00am sharp with about 60 people. A brief presentation was given about Dubai, lifestyle changing and cabin crews life experiences. They also provide information regarding the starting pay, layover expenses, benefits, accommodation and all general tips. After the presentation the recruiter answered some questions  and started collecting photos and CV’s, she also gave us a name tag with a number and eventually  gave us a break-time.

First Phase..

We were all (52 people) divided in 2 groups (I was in the 2nd group). Once your group is back in the room, everyone is seated in circle and in numerical order. Then, the recruiter splits us in groups of 3. Each group was given a card and each card had an object (e.g box, tooth-brush, umbrella etc). We had to think 3 uses of the item that is NOT used for everyday. Then present your ideas to the rest of group. Takes 10 mins this exercise.

After this, once again the group is split but this time in groups of 6. Each group was given a card, this time with a city/country/destination (e.g Paris, London, Japan etc) Each group had to talk about the city.. any kind of interest, weather, cuisine etc. Then present your group ideas to everyone else. Takes 10 mins this exercise.

I think the purpose of these exercise is to evaluate our interaction and communication with everyone in the group. How do you present your ideas, how do you share your opinions, how well you work in team and how you speak in front of people etc. While you’re organizing your ideas with your group, the recruiter is walking around while taking notes and evaluating each of everyone. Again, this is a group activity, they’re not looking for leaders. Don’t be shy but don’t be too talkative, let everyone talk and express their ideas as well. When presenting your ideas don’t look at the recruiter (she’s already paying attention to you) talk and look to the rest of the group. People who were looking straight to the recruiter didn’t pass it, people who weren’t clear with their ideas didn’t pass it, people who talk too much..didn’t pass it. Present your ideas short and clear… and technically there’s no right and wrong ideas nor answers.

After the first round the anxious part comes. The recruiter will eliminate the people who would not make it to the next round. In my personal experience the recruiter said out loud the numbers that passed. I’ve read that they used to give a letter (“congratulations..” or “unfortunately..”) but mine was an exception to the rule I guess.

Second Phase…

“Reach test” In this round you need to reach 212cm, the recruiter pasted a paper (in which has a horizontal red line draw) in the exact height  (212cm)on the wall and if you can’t reach by touching the line (in tip toes) you are disqualified. In my group 2 girls were eliminated. Then, the recruiter asks you if you have any visible tattoos or visible scars/marks. If you have any visible tattoo please don’t even apply, they are very strict and you will be disqualified immediately. That goes also for the height, practice at home, reach something that measures that height, if you know you can’t reach it, don’t attend.

Third Phase…

In this stage is a discussion exercise. We all sat in a group with a sheet of paper with a scenario (we all had the same one).

” You are the manager of a Hotel, there’s 8 guests(e.g party girl, business man, valued customer etc)  that already have a reservation but due to a system error there’s only 2 rooms available, so the group must discuss and vote which 2 guests are selected to stay.”  Takes 15mins this exercise.

Again, this is a group activity. BUT you need to provide opinion, don’t be too reserve and do not be over-powering and controlling, if you make an opnion  – like I did – and the rest of the group didn’t like it, say “That’s okay, I was just suggesting..” or “That’s okay, what other ideas we have?”  Don’t interrupt your mates. If you like a suggestion say it but after she/he is finished like “That’s a great idea..” or “Yes, I do really think is good because..”  There is NO right and wrong answers! The recruiter just wants to know how you work as a team.

After this exercise the recruiter plays the role of one of the customers. Remember the recruiter will act as if she is an angry/grumpy customer (“..what  do you mean I don’t have a room?” I don’t want discounts, money is not a problem for me! GIVE me a room!!”), you need to try to convince the customer and  try to satisfy their needs. A girl in my group was not really finding a solution yet she was apologizing too much and did not make the cut. People who were talking not letting others expressed didn’t make it, people who didn’t have interaction with others didn’t make it,  people who were not expressing ideas clearly didn’t make it. Just make opinions, ideas and work as a team.

Fourth Phase (for some)

English test” If your high school is not based in USA you have to take the test. I’m Puerto Rican and the recruiter wasn’t sure if I had to take it, since Puerto Rico is USA territory and all schools taught English..but then I thought..well..even tho’ English and Spanish are both co-official languages in Puerto Rico, Spanish still remains as first language, so I decided to take the test just in case, even the recruiter told me so  “let’s take the test to make sure..” So I did, along with 2 other girls too. I though ‘I would pass it just fine..’ and then.. ‘Jesus Christ what is this?’  Is like having a M.S test or something. It was kinda difficult actually. Test consists in reading comprehension, match definition, fill in the blanks etc. Fortunately we all pass the stressful test. You have 45mins to finish the test.

Lastly, from all 60 people at the end we were 9. No men, just girls from 22-26 yrs old. We’re given a brief information of what documents provide along with what kind of photos. The recruiter recommended to hand over all printout but, if is too impossible then rather send the documents by email. However, sending docs by email may slow the process rather than just having all the documents printed in the first place. And finally, complete the psychometric test before taking the final interview.

That same day I took a plane back to Puerto Rico, print the documents and photos and return back to Washington DC same day, then the next day getting up early to have the final interview..uuff!! . I was so exhausted but determine to turn everything complete. People drove hours and traveled  just for the assessment! .. I think I was the only crazy traveling back and forth.

To conclude I hope my experience would help some others, I know there’s been assessments and interviews on and ongoing. Some assessment may not be the same but at least there’s some facts and ideas you can have from mine. Sorry for any grammar error, English is not my first language although I try my best.

I wish you all great success on becoming Emirates cabin crew.

23 thoughts on “What to expect at Emirates assessment day..

  1. Hello i ve a pb im successfull for emirates and im just waiting for their call now to Tell me the training dates , but the thing is last week i fall Down badly and now i ve scar on my wrist around the place you have ur watch . Im wondering If it’s over for me now as i ve a mark?? I Could still use make up but what should i do ??? I feel so bad


    1. I don’t think is a problem. I mean, you can hide it with your watch? And Emirates do choose girls with scars and even with not so good smile/teeth! So I think you should go anyways. Don’t let a scar let you down, you are in.


  2. Hello there. Thank you for sharing your experience. I was just wondering, what documents did you need that required you to fly back and forth from Puerto Rico and DC? do you mind to list them? I’d like to prepare beforehand so i wouldnt need to rush on the assessment day if i do make it 😉 thanks so much by the way!


    1. Hi!!
      You need copy of your High School Diploma, Passport and photos. I really flew to Puerto Rico because of the photos, they’ll give you a sheet of paper mentioning the documents you might have to bring.



      1. Thank you so much for replying. By the way, did you ever hear about other applicants who just show up to the assessment day without any invitations? There is an invitation only day in where i live. But i havent yet gotten the invitation. I was thinking to just come without getting one…. What do you think?


      2. I’ve known people who just went to the AD without the invitation. It depends of the recruiter though. Sometimes they let you in, some others may required the invitation.
        If the location is not too far and might not be a problem for you to attend; Then, I think you should try and go without the invitation.
        It’s a 50/50 chance 😉


      3. Thanks a lot for the quick reply! Yeah, I was actually thinking the same thing. I’ll still come 🙂 thank you so much! Wish me luck! Hope to see you someday if i make it 🙂 safe travels 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi there!! when they measure your height does it count reaching it with only with one arm or are we obligated to use both?


  4. I read your posts which are very useful for candidates like me! Thank you so much. But I am 29 years old. Is it easy to join in this job? I worried a lot about it?


    1. I’ve known new joiners even older!
      31 and 32’s. Go confident, groomed and prepared. Forget about your age. Is not easy getting this job but they’re recruiting a big amount of people on the AD lately, so go for it. 🙂


  5. I suppose that having a perfect smile is very important to join the Emirates. I got eliminated from the 1st round in the AD and I’m pretty sure the 1st cause were my teeth, I’ve gaps between them so I avoided to have that big smile. Anyway I decided to fix them for the next AD 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. what does emirates airline invitation only events mean??? what does emirates airline invitation only events mean??
    i have previously applied online and received an email inviting me to an assessment day, but i couldn’t go then, does that mean i can go to any other “invitation only” assessment day?


    1. Invitation only events means that you can assist at any assessment day available (With the Invitation Only). So if you missed this one, don’t worry and attend to another assessment day available.


  7. Hey I really like your blog, thank you for this detailed informations,
    I really liked to try after being back from my year abroad in US (I expect I can pass the english test with a good english level)
    however, I have a tatoo on my wrist, do you think this would be a problem ? It can be easily hided with long sleeves


    1. Hi Ana!

      Unfortunately the tattoo will be a problem. You can hide it and lie at the interview, however in training you can’t hide it since the uniform is not with long sleeve .
      On my training a girl got send back home because she had a tattoo and she was covering it, this one though was on her neck.
      Remember they check our grooming and uniforms everyday.
      Try to remove it before the assessment 😉


  8. Hi, I am filling up this application and I am a little lost with the photos. Do they have to be professionally taken by someone? Do you have any photos you can show me?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. I posted a profile photo that I hand in to them for my final interview. Is under final interview post. I have to check if I still have the rest of the photos…however, no need for professional shooting if you can do it yourself like I did. Although, I have professional camera, a friend who is photographer helped me and took some photos..we made a little studio at home.


  9. I am so thrilled to find someone who travelled from their country to another for the AD. I am from Namibia and the nearest AD to metakes place in South Africa, where I am prepared to travel to. I was struggling to find instances in which someone travelled from a different country to attend the assessment day so I am super hopeful. Thank you.


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