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On a previous post of assessment day of Emirates, I wrote about the process, the elimination and some tips that it can be handy for you. Now, let me share my final interview with all of those who are looking forward to apply, passed the assessment or are in the process for this final step.

First, the recruiter will  give you a list of all documents that you need to bring along with 1 full length professional/business attire photo (4×6), 1 profile professional photo (4×6), 1 full length casual photo (4×6), 1 half-body casual photo (4×6) and 6 passport photos.

TIP: If you don’t have the documents, they give you an option which is, sending your photos and documents through email, however this might slow down the process, I recommend  to print-out and hand in all documents at the final interview.

Let me begin with, I was so exhausted! The next day of the assessment day I took the first flight from DCA to SJU (San Juan,PR)  just to print the documents and photos (rush rush ruush!) and finally, getting the next flight to DC. I got at the hotel at 11:00pm eat and went straight to bed. Next morning woke up early and have breakfast; I was kinda relax but at the same time anxious! So anxious that I just eat some fruits and went straight to the waiting room for my interview. One of the girls just finished the interview, the next one was already waiting, and me..I remember the recruiter said to me “Omg you’re early!, you don’t mind waiting right?” I responded like “noo of course not!!” I knew I had to wait but I was know, want to get over it! haha 🙂 plus letting her know that I arrived early is a plus.

The Interview I must say is more easy and relaxed. It really doesn’t feel like an Interview, is more like a conversation. The assessment I rather find it more challenging. The recruiter makes the environment more pleasant and comfortable. To be honest I didn’t even practice nor search for STAR questions, of what I’ve been told, they have so many different questions that I didn’t even bother to search for them. Plus I was so tired that night that I didn’t want to read anything, just sleep and pray, yes peeps, I pray!  🙂  The recruiter made me questions related to my work experience and situational examples for instance;

  • What were your duties in your previous job?
  • Did you had any difficult situation with a customer? What was the outcome?
  • Give an example of something that you improve at work
  • Tell me a time you had difficulty at work and how did you manage it.
  • Have you travel? To where? Tell me a difference and compare the culture with yours.
  • A time you correct/help a coworker.

These were some of the questions that I remember. The questions turns into conversation, while you’re explaining she’s taking notes and she asks more of what you’re explaining and then suddenly she asks you again, but everything is going smooth, you don’t feel pressure and that’s good because you can really interact with her while answering the questions and feeling so relax about it.

When she is finished she asks about if you have any concerns or questions, please ask her anything! any simple or just one question. It would be a little odd for not asking her something. The recruiter collects all documents and review the papers and photos. I thanked her, shook hands and left pretty secure.

Finally, only 5 of us got selected over 9 (including me). The interview takes about 30-40mins.

I feel really happy, this is the very first time I try to join Emirates, ever!! And I really come so far…Believe, Work and Achieve, those are the secrets!

Profile Kirsy Emirates
Me, one of the formal photos.

Hope I helped others! Wish you all great success!

22 thoughts on “Final Interview Emirates

  1. Hi, Kirsy. Your post was really helpful. Do you mind sharing how an applicant should look like in a casual photo? Does it have to be a photo with only you in it or are group photos accepted? You mentioned “1 profile professional photo (4×6)”. Do you mean half-body? Hope to hear from you soon! God bless!


    1. For the casual photo avoid group photos. Try to choose one with only you in it. (1) half body and (1) full body. Dress code could be with jeans and shirt. Hope I helped you! If you have any other questions let me know! (:


      1. Hi, Kirsy. I do have more questions. For the formal photos, they need whole body, half body and passport sized photos, right? And then the background should be white? I am just wondering, do you have to show your teeth on these pictures? Did Emirates especially instruct that teeth should be shown?


      2. On the whole body and half photo yes, you need to smile. For the passport photos I smiled as well. The passport photos are for the UAE residence visa, USA visa (if need it) and some other documents.

        The background for the formal photos has to be white. Actually, Emirates will give you a paper of instructions how to take or select your pictures when you pass the AD. But yes, you have to be smiling and showing your teeth. (: Hope I help you!


  2. Hi krisy, im Liyana from malaysia. I went to emirates od recently and only make it to the initial screening. Your blog are very helpful, i get to identify where i did wrong and know what i should work on. Thank you so much. Lastly, you have a beautiful smile and eyes. Take care.


    1. Hi Liyana!
      Thank You so much for reading my blog, so happy that you find it helpful. I hope you try again, improve and re-apply! I wish you success 🙂 and about my smile and eyes haha thank you once again, so cute from you (:


  3. hi krisy how much is the fees for 6 months training in emirates?
    and does the training guarantee 100% that emirates will hire us as a cabin crew?


    1. I’m not sure of what you mean with the training fee in Emirates…?
      However, if you don’t pass al exams and practicals, you won’t be graduating, thus you won’t be hire as Emirates’s Cabin Crew.

      The only guarantee is by completing successfully the training.


    1. Of course! They’re doing assessments and interviews on a variety of countries now. You’ll have to submit your application and do some research about them (to know them better), also read their requirements and their new hiring steps.


  4. Hey Kirsy, this post and the one about the assessment were both very helpful, thank you for that! 🙂
    I have one question though. I will be attending open day in two weeks in my town, it is my first time trying this. And I have been reading different info on whether I need to apply online before the open day.
    As I understood if you come to open day you don’t need to apply online, right? That is what open day is for, so you can apply in person? On Emirates web page under ‘upcoming events’ they just wrote that ‘candidates are requested to please bring an updated CV and 1 photo’.
    Please correct me if I am wrong, and if you know for sure.. Thank you very much!


    1. Yes, correct. You only bring a copy of your CV and 1 photo (I believe is a portrait one).
      You don’t need to apply online, unless you go further in the selection process and they’ll let you know.
      Good luck and have fun!


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