Joining Formalities

..and litle bit of my life status

After the final interview you noticed that applying for this job either you’ll learn how to be patient or simply/completely lose your mind! The waiting is horrible and you get obsessed by checking your application status every hour! Even though you know the working hours in Dubai, you constantly check your application! You just have that faith and curiosity of maybe, just maybe the status have changed.


The waiting is 4 weeks, you can either have the succesful Golden Call or be rejected at the end of the period time, although there’s been some cases when they’ve called people after the 4 weeks. But at this moment they’re going pretty fast, they’re doing interviews around the world, calling and scheduling for the joining process as well.

My final interview was on September 29th and my application status changed in October 9th from “Under Review” to “Interview Complete”. The status of interview complete means what really says, that you just completed the interview, however the status changed pretty fast, so it means that they’re evaluating and hopefully getting started to pick all the girls!

Days passed and it had been 1 week – this is the part that no one knows (except my family and boyfriend..and now you of course!) – I applied for so many airlines as for Flight Attendant in this past month and I’ve been invited for many interviews, however the one that I’m passionate about is Emirates. Before Emirates I was offered for working in a regional airline as Flight Attendant. I was not too into it, indeed. I have work experience in a major airline for then working for a regional, is like, ‘starting from the beginning’. I dream big guys, don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful and I do appreciate the fact that almost all regional airlines gave me job offers, but, I do have a goal. And that is working for the best in the sky. Some major airlines such as American Airlines, US Airways and Delta were hiring and I applied as well. But the only confirmed offer I had in my hands was the regional airline and they gave me a deadline.


I was praying and praying for a sign, for that status to change!!! It had to change before I go to training for the other airline. I had faith, I believe that it would change. The first days of that same week I was obsessed! I though that was is impossible to change in one week..but then again, OOh Godd just change  it! I don’t want to go to New York, I want Dubai!! I was losing faith and hope, I stopped checking my application status and try to not think about it, not to mention that the date for joining the other training was arriving. So, 2 days before my departure I was arranging with my mom the things I had to buy that noon, the clothes and so on…and while she was talking to me something came to my mind. ‘Should I check my status before..?’ ‘but, it’s still to early to check..’ Oh what the heck. So I logged in and I couldn’t believe it, the status changed to “Joining Formalities in Progress” aaaah!!! My God! finally!! I started to scream and jump everywhere! My mom hugged me and along came my boyfriend, dad and my brother freaked out  yelling “WHAT IS WRONG, ARE YOU OK?” -“I got the job!!!”- I screamed, while almost crying and jumping non stop everywhere “You almost gave us a heart attack!!” 🙂

Joining Formalities in Progress means..

“Once the necessary clearances have been attained, successful candidates will be contacted by Human Resources Service Centre, they’re responsible for the entire joining process and will make the necessary arrangements to provide you with your employment contract and relevant joining documentation.” Summing up, you got the job.

I was so relief, I eventually send a reject letter to the other airline and thanking them for offering me the opportunity to work for them. While I was writing the email I received another interview invitation of Delta Airlines.. ‘I said to myself Thanks but, no thanks’. My mind is set to a next level, Emirates.

In the meantime, I’m still waiting for the ‘GOLDEN CALL’ so I can soon start by doing the medical papers process. I’ve read that is the most  stressful part of all. I’m holding my phone like a psycho every night, I don’t feel like I have the offer CONFIRMED until I received the Golden call, at least it seems in progress..

This is my timeline:


My timeline

  • No OD (Open Day)
  • AD (Assessment Day)- Sept.27
  • FI (Final Interview)- Sept.29
  • IC (Interview Complete)-  Oct. 02
  • JFIP (Joining Formalities In Progress)-  Oct. 09

17 thoughts on “Joining Formalities

  1. Now I’m in the same point as you were… I’ve been offered a job for a regional airline and the training begins in a week, and I desperatly need an answer from Emirates. I’m freaking out! I hope everything will end up succefully!! u.U

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  2. Hey , I really enjoyed your blog and this information was really helpful. I’m going out of my mind, checking my status EVERYDAY lol and finally yesterday it changed to joining formalities. I was so excited but I guess they can still say no to me. I started googling what that status meant and usually people get the golden call the following week so hopefully I will be in the skies like you.


    1. Congratulations!!! You made it!! Basically means you got the job, so I’ll see you in the skies soon!
      I was the same as you, checking the status everyday lol 😂 I wish you success on your new journey!


  3. Hi Kirsy! Thanks for your blog. I like the way how you want to work only at the best airline (I mean you set the goal). I do the same for you. I never apply any airlines before and I don’t work at regional airlines in my country. I just want EMIRATES. I wanna stay in Dubai.
    Next month I will come to open day in my country.
    Please pray for me! I want follow your path to be EK cabin crew 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! Always delighted to be an inspiration for future cabin crew. Remember to be confident and have hunger of success; and you’ll reach all your goals.
      *Believe and achieve *
      I wish you great success on your OD!!! See you soon in Dubai! 😉


  4. Hi Kirsy!

    Love your blog- always been unsure whether or not I wanted to do this, but now I am more sure than unsure 🙂

    I am planning to apply early next year and have some questions. Do you have any email I could send them too? Really just around career progression as cabin crew, application/CV drop off in Dubai.

    Thank you


  5. Hi Krisy,
    You have created such a lovely and helpful blog.I’m still 19 and looking forward for this golden opportunity of becoming a flight attendant in Emirates.I’ve no words to explain how much your blog inspired me.thank you,I’m sincerely requesting you to be my that I could start preparing my self for this from now.
    Thank you.

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    1. Thank You Dilini!

      Read about Emirates so you should know more about the airline. Be very groomed for the assessment day and practice the STARs questions.
      I have my process of joining EK in my blog, take a look and let me know if you have any thoughts.



  6. Hi kirsy
    My name is khalidzada and i am currently living in uae ,I have applied for equipment operator in danata and my status is “interview completed ” and it almost 1 and half months that it isnt changing up and yeah i recieve up a call 2 times asking me various questions but still i am not satisfy because i havr been into this from dec 5 /15 and checking out my status each and every hour like a mad man lol….


    1. Hi!!
      Oh I’m sorry to hear that, it must be frustrating. I guess having the status as “Interview Completed” is still a good sign However, try to communicate with HR. I’ve know people got their answers 6 months later, it’s ridiculous!

      Wish you success!



  7. HI, I gave my emirates final interview on 1st May. I am checking my application online and it’s showing application unsuccessful and it says last updated on 1st May. What does this mean? Can you please tell me. Awaiting your reply. Thanks


  8. I am already apply for the equipment operator and is pass Ad and also next day the final interveiw done it on 20 april2016. And daily I check my status it’s under reveiw and I am waiting can u please guide me about it that it’s mean reject or under process.


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