Ready for Venice?

 Venice season is here..

Ooh Venezia!! Is one of the most popular cities in Europe. Located in northeastern Italy sited on a group of small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges…

El Gran Canal

I think you all know that. People say is romantic, I’ll say yes, is romantic but also very friendly environment, you can either go with your partner or with a group of friends.

The climate is Mediterranean although if you visit in from December to February is cold or more like freezing! So is likely to be grey.The hottest months in Venice is in summer, that is June-July-August. I want to write my trip experience to Venezia, in addition, I would like to persuade you to choose winter season to visit Venice. Winter season is near! Pack your bags!

-All photos taken by me-

When to visit Venice?


I decided to travel in winter season, I prefer cold, walking with coats rather than being sweaty..I know it sounds ridiculous but I live in a tropical island, hot weather and beaches is over-rated for me. Second, I read a lot about an unpleasant smell from the canals that covers all Venice small streets and alleys; Well in winter, specially January and February, perhaps because of the freezing weather the bad odor doesn’t come out, I guarantee you. I did not experienced any ‘smelly Venice’ at all. I suggest to visit in February, yes you need lots of layers of clothes, at night is even colder so sometimes you can’t enjoy the outdoors. But you get to walk and walk and not getting sweaty or having an oppressive heat ugh! And in Italy believe me, the heat is horrible!

Less crowded

Me at- Plaza San Marcos
Me at- Plaza San Marcos

January and February is not a busy season, people are working, kids are at school, not much of tourists around and business days are usual. So even though Venice is a quiet place, in this season is even quieter. You get to ride the gondolas (you don’t have to make turn and wait longer!) it’s more easier, visit the Plaza San Marco and take awesome and beautiful pictures with less lessss people. Since the streets are technically tight hallways, you don’t  have much space so the less tourist people, the better. In December is almost the same, however is holiday season so is more crowed but if you don’t really mind the amount of people is fine.

Gondolas ride!


Having the trip with gondolas are usually expensive, average is 80EUR/107USD but sometimes in low season they have good deals and maybe lower the price for you.

TIP: Choose the Great Canal trip, the view is more amazing and they take you to pass by the Marco Polo’s house and the great palace they used to have, they’re very generous and very good guide tours.

Great hotels deals!

Yes! Great and cheap hotels deals! Is low season!! You get awesome hotels for a very low price. I booked mine through, you can also try OR visit their official page, they lower their rates in those months.

TIP: At the end of February is the carnival, so you would like to booked the hotel before the weekend of the festival. Also, I truly recommend the Centauro Hotel, checkout the website for more info.


At the time to try their cuisine, the restaurants are more relaxed and you can enjoy a hot chocolate in cosy cafes! Please try their Italian-cuisine, they use fresh local ingredients and their pasta is so tasty like al dente style, also try their exquisite coffee too.

Carnival !


This happens late in February, you can enjoy the costumes and the masks, also the gondolas show passing through the Gran Canal. This week is very crowed. St. Marks is full of activities and the environment is very busy and colorful. I did not have the carnival experience because I took a  train and headed to Florence. But I really enjoyed the activities and the masks, they have masks everywhere!

The goods of winter

In comparison of summer, the bad thing about winter is that you have to use lots of layers of clothing, the good thing about winter/cold in this season is that you don’t need to be worry about too many crowds; mosquitos; possibility of heat waves; and more heat. You can enjoy better the views, take pictures easier and take long walks more pleasant and relaxed.

If it’s your first time visiting Venezia make sure to visit the important points of interest first:

  • Piazza San Marco
  • San Marco Basilica
  • Grand Canal/ Rialto Bridge
  • Bridge of sights
  • Teatro La Fenice
  • Take the Elevator to the top of the Campanile

I’ve posted some other pictures of my trip, enjoy!


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