The Golden Call


Last Night I was so desperate on getting my Golden Call that I couldn’t sleep, wondering when, WHEN I’ll receive that call!! My boyfriend arrived late from work at 2am and we started talking, eventually talking about Emirates UGH! “Why they don’t call me?” I asked my boyfriend and myself. I’ve known cases that the status maintains as “JFIP” for 2-3 months and they don’t call you ahhh!! I began to be paranoid and anxious so my boyfriend took away my phone put it on top of my night table and obligated me to sleep.

This is me when I passed the assessment day back in Washington DC. Same happy reaction when I received the Golden Call.


In the morning at 7am (Puerto Rico time,( 4pm Dubai time)) my phone rang…with one eye open and the other one closed I picked the phone and I notice it was a foreign number +976..IT’S EMIRATES!!! AAAHH!! .. “Hi!, Kirsy, we are calling you because you successfully passed the process for becoming Emirates Cabin Crew..Congratulations!” yes, yeeesss!! finally!! I jumped and hugged my boyfriend, ran to my mom’s room, before I even tell her, she knew!! She congratulated me and hugged me; I wasn’t sleepy anymore, who wouldn’t? I was so happy I can finally confirmed I have the job offer, however I must pass some medical forms and docs so that they can officially give me the final approval, this can take some days or one week.They’ll send me an email along with all medical requirements.

My DOJ (Date of join) is in December 11th.

Let’s see how this next step goes..


8 thoughts on “The Golden Call

  1. I love reading your blog.Keep up with the good work.I hope I’ll join your amazing team someday. I’m waiting for the online application to be opened.Be blessed

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