After the Golden Call..Medical tests.

I must say, the entire process of becoming cabin crew is nerve-wracking. From the time you submit your application, to your assessment day, to your final interview and searching information on the web, forums, blogs or even  in the facebook page “Emirates approval in progress status”  while preparing yourself with the nervousness of making it through every stage; and when finally you pass every stage and interview, the waiting begins to receive the Golden Call.

After you receive the Golden call eventually you’ll receive an email stating that you have being succesful through the process for the cabin crew position and also, all the paperwork and medical exams that had to be put together. NO, you are not done!

In this stage, the employment contract is not final, but  it is subject of you being able to clear all the medical tests. For the next couple of days or weeks the only thing you’ll be doing is making doctor appointments and being checked. Later, these documents need to be submitted through the portal by login in with your username and password that they send you by email. The portal is a very nice organized page were you can see how is your progress is going, and it also has post were you can see how many days you have untill your day of joining 🙂

Some docs are:

Vaccinations: such as; Polio, Diphtheria, Yellow fever, Hepatitis A&B, Tetanus, Typhoid and so on..

Dental Certification: requires some standards like, teeth should be free from cavities, plaque, gingiva, and among others. The dentist certificates that you’re dentally fit and complies with all standards.

*Blood test for HIV, SVRL and  TB chest x-ray will be completed in Dubai.*

The vaccs (in USA) are on your own expense, no insurance whatsoever, and pricey by the way (approximately $175, $250, $275 each).

Medical history declaration:These are some personal medical history that you have to answer with; yes or no (e.g if you ever have or not…) these documents are filled by you.

Once they received all the documents, the human resources team will evaluate the medical test and if you fit the requirements they will contact you for the next stage.

At this point is practically another waiting, geee!!  and I thought the waiting was over! so wrong!

ariel waiting

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4 thoughts on “After the Golden Call..Medical tests.

  1. Congrats!
    I am preparing to be a cabin crew. so at this moment, I am really jealous of you XD.
    I hope that you’ll have safe flight all the time!


  2. Hi there! I recieved my Golden Call yesterday from Emirates and now I’m waiting to recieve the email. Do you know how long it takes to recieve the email after the call? I’m still nervous and would LOVE to have it in writing 😉 She said on the phone that she’d be sending me through the email with the necessary paperwork to fill out after our conversation but it’s a day later and I haven’t recieved it yet. Thank you X


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