Final approval of everything…

The Waiting is over and it’s confirmed, I passed my medical exams; I received my final approval 2 days ago and officially I’m moving to Dubai…and the countdown has begun.

Date of joining: December 11th

I have a lot of emotions inside of me, I’m happy and sad at the same time. I know I’m living the dream, a one lifetime experience job, living in Dubai, traveling to more than 140 destinations in over 70 countries across 6 continents with great benefits and privileges that a lot of people have tried  to accomplish so many times. Emirates receives over 15,000 applications for Cabin Crew per month, maybe the less of the half are currently working for them, I mean, It’s a very competitive industry, although they say otherwise, let’s get real, airlines are selective when it comes for recruiting new hires. But the bottom line is that, yes, I’m so thrilled and yes..sad again. And you say Why? The tough part is not dealing with angry customers, I’m used to that. No christmas and irregular shift hours? pff whatever. Discrimination?  well it would be something new but I’m open to learn on how to deal with those situations. Living in Dubai? nope, but homesick, yup, that’s the awful part. I’ll be 7 months in probation, 7 months that am not allowed to swap any shifts , 7 months without seeing my family, pets nor boyfriend -CRYYY CRYY!!- I’m so attach to them that I know when the day of departure comes, I’m going to cry a river. I know me, I’m a very family person and to be honest, I’ve never lived so far away from my family nor boyfriend!!!, although it’s a great opportunity to develop myself with more independence and confidence. It may seem as a little bit of fear, but this is just normal, indeed. Maintaining focus and confident of your goals will always help to move toward success. After all, this job is all about adjusting yourself to a new lifesyle.The best part of this, is that my family and boyfriend supports me, and that’s all I need to keep flying.

“Making a big life change is pretty scary.

But, know what’s even scarier?


4 thoughts on “Final approval of everything…

  1. hi hun but during probation cant our boyfriends come visit us??? We can list them as cousin and have them fly over right?????? 😱


    1. Hi Melissa!!
      Unfortunately due to their culture and traditions, you must be married so he can stay at the apartment. You can list them as cousin but remember you need proof, birth certificate and passport. Also, they need to approve a visitor guest form every time they visit you at the apartment. If they caught you lying on the flying benefits you can lose your job, I wouldn’t recommend it, I rather get married lol. ☺️


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