Best Gift

So today or (yesterday) November 12th, was my birthday yeeeii!! I had a wonderful and relax birthday with my family, my best friend and my amazing boyfriend!


Lots of food and wine were served with 2 birthday cakes, we all gathered in the living room; my brothers, grandpa, boyfriend and of course mom and dad. We were all talking and laughing! spending quality time together is the best gift ever.

Speaking of gifts, my little brother (whose not that little) gave me from present a cute coffee mug with coffee goodies from Starbucks and my best friend bought me a pilot Barbie!, yes you read right, a pilot Barbie, that was hilarious I most say! “Just celebrating your birthday along with your success of becoming Emirates cabin crew and a whole new journey of your life” she said to me. I wanted to I cried. But not because of the Barbie of course, just having a wonderful time with my parents reminds me of how much I’m going to miss them and having this quality time also with my boyfriend is…oh gosh I’ve just noticed I’m becoming home sick without even moved from home yet.

My boyfriend and I, are practically counting days off, and planning things and trying to spend as much of time we can together. We are so attached to each other that sometimes it scares me that this decision may jeopardize our relationship, in other hand, he has knowledge in the the aviation industry and friendly with the system (then again, he is finishing his studies as pilot) we even met in the airline industry back when I worked for jetBlue, he really supports me and he is really thrilled to have me working for Emirates, that helps me a lot.

For now, let’s just enjoy these amazing moments…they’ll be more to come, live and enjoy all of them.

My cake

6 thoughts on “Best Gift

    1. Hi Sharifah!

      Before joining we all must have dental check in which the Doctor must sign any clinical treatment performed that day and approve that you’re in good standing.
      If you have cavities take a treatment and don’t let them know at the interview.


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