Paris in 3 days


Planning to visit Paris in 3 days? I know you’re thinking “Who the hell travels to Paris for only 3 days?” well, in some cases people have a long trip to Europe, they visit Paris for a stop and then they move on to another destination. The truth is, most of the cases you don’t need 1 week to explore the city and attractions. I actually stayed in Paris for 4 days and managed to see the city it in 3 days! Let me share how I did it:

I stayed at Hotel Eiffel in Villa Garibaldi, 15 min walking to Eiffel Tower which is my starter point. You need to have knowledge in which location are you staying in order to successfully organize and visit all main sites (look for Villa Garibaldi, Paris) in Google maps. Everything is walking distance. I like to walk a lot when I travel though.


  • Eiffel Tower
 TIP: DO NOT sign anything or accept anything from anyone who comes to you, some people keep insisting in giving you stuff and make you sign petition papers in order so you gave or ‘pay’ them some money. Say no and walk away, always pay attention to details.
  • Champ de Mars
Champ de Mars at night

Is a large public green park just between Eiffel Tower and Ecole Military. Once you walk at the end of  the park and cross the beautiful Pont d’Lena, you’ll arrive at:

  • Trocadero Gardens and Palace of Chaillot

Then, straight ahead you’ll see:

  • Arc de Triomphe
arco de triunfo

From the top of the Arc de Triumphe you get great views down to the Champs Elysees to Place de la Concorde (You’ll get there..) and of course Louvre. If is not too crowded (impossible) then you should try to climb the 284 steps, if not, don’t worry there’s other views. Keep walking straight to:

  • Champs- Elysées Avenue

Frequently described as the most famous and beautiful avenue (even more than New York’s 5th ave.) in the world. The street is bordered by cinemas, theaters, cafes and luxury shops. The avenue is almost 1.30 miles. Keep walking straight at the end you will arrive at:

  • Place de la Concorde

The octagonal place de la Concorde is the largest square and important site in Paris landmarks and attractions list. Once you’ve finish, keep walking straight and you’ll arrive in one of the most beautiful gardens:

  • Tuileries Garden

The spectacular Tuileries garden is one of Paris’s most visited gardens thanks to its central location between Place de la Concorde and the:



  • Louvre Museum

(I actually managed to visit 2 times the museum, on day 1 and also day 2)


(Admission is $10.00) Visiting the museum could take you a whole day, it’s never enough to enjoy completely this museum. What I did was, I choose a day when I went straight to the Louvre in the morning, right after 2-3pm or so, I decided to leave and continue exploring. On the second day exploring I actually managed to visit the museum once again.

The fact I knew that not much people know is that, the Louvre museum from October to March the access is completely free for all visitors on the first Sunday of each month. HA! Don’t you just love low season?!

Head to Quai Francois Mitterrand street and walk about 15 mins non stop (it can take you longer if you do stops, although why not?) Enjoy the view until you reach Pont’ Neuf and cross it.  Almost at the end of Ile de la Cité island, you’ll find:

  • Notre Dame de Paris

If you have the opportunity to visit inside, do not miss it. It is one of the most well-known church building of all time. Behind Notre Dame through Rue du Clotre Notre-Dame street you will find:

  • Pont del Archeveche

“Love locks bridge” is a bridge crossing the Seine river, famous of where all lovers place their ‘love padlocks’ on the bridge. From here, you’re heading back from Quai de Mortebello (walking distance 2 miles) straight ahead after passing Pont’ de la Concorde you will see:

  • Latin Quarter

Perfect place to buy souvenirs and to pick a restaurant to eat.


  • Pont Alexandre III

This is one of the most beautiful bridge of all time, It is without a doubt the city’s most opulently decorated bridge. And right in front the bridge is:

…..and finally:

  • Esplanade des Invalides

And guess what? you still have time to visit the pantheon or the Orsay Museum which I didn’t, I had other interest though. On the last day my boyfriend and I decided to just walk around, buying souvenirs, visiting coffee shops and just sitting around watching the beautiful landscapes.  We visited again Eiffel Tower even though we had to cross by it every time we got out… but this time we sat and ate delicious crepes and at night the Eiffel Tower sparkles with shinny lights.

These are some other photos of my journey in Paris;

So this is how I manage to visit the city in such of short period of time. I might missed some points of interest but for 3 days? heck I think I did pretty good. Traveling for 3-4 days comes normal when you’re working in a major airline or in the aviation industry: You fly for free but you don’t always have a week off. So, 5 days off? Where we heading?

Hope you enjoy it! Au revoir!

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