Flight Attendant and Boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend

Several acquaintances and some other “friends” are trying to keep my boyfriend and I busy by acknowledging that our relationship is not going to last no longer than 6 months due to our new lifestyle we’re embarking. I don’t waste my time trying to understand my so-called friends or people who just want to disturb us with such expressions. We’re a different couple with a different lifestyle thus they’ll never understand our relationship; and why would they anyhow? Moreover, this is a top topic that comes along with any other topic! which I don’t mind being asked though, but when  my boyfriend and I began to explain and talk about us, everybody just maintains silence while a soft voice comes out from one of them and says “You guys are meant to be together…”

There’s so many relationships that consist in understanding and patience development, such as being a Doctor, a Military, Pilot or in my case, being a Flight Attendant. Therefore being a flight attendant and having a relationship is rather challenging than impossible. You see, it all comes from basics, what type of interests we have, sharing our differences and flaws, does your she/he likes to travel, is she/he confident and knowing the aviation industry etc. These details will lead you to a healthier relationship and even though none of us are perfect, yet it could help you to select the right candidate while you’re flying you journey being a Flight Attendant -or- soon to be.


  • Communication

Communication is the key  part to building a healthy relationship. This first step is making sure you both want and expect the same things, being in the same page is essential. My boyfriend and I always from moment one, we establish that we were interest for long-term (serious) relationship. We really invested time to know each other, we shared differences and respect them as well, we learned to say ‘no ‘, eventually ending up being best friends. He is finishing his BA in Aviation as Pilot, he has his plans in which I support him as he supports me. We also include each other in our own future plans and discuss it as well. So for us, me moving to Dubai is a step to success, we both worked and knew each other in the aviation industry though, our communication is going to be challenging, talking through Skype and texting through Whatsapp. However, the long distance is not going to set us apart. We’re very focus in our plans and in our relationship, because we communicate!

me and my boyfriend
Me and my boyfriend when we worked together in my previous airline job. You might guess which airline by our uniform.
  • Understanding

Understanding your goals, hobbies and interest, in my case my job. Being a FA (Flight Attendant) and having a relationship takes more than just ‘love’, its understanding. I worked as Airport Operations for a major airline in Puerto Rico SJU, therefore I’m used to this aviation system and chose someone who can REALLY understands my job environment; “No Saturdays and Sundays off, until we have what it’s called seniority”, “Shifts from 8:00am to 5:00pm? Hun, do you know about redeye shifts? in addition of  a different Roster we have every month..oh and we bid”, “When you’re so tired you just want to sleep…2 days in a row, please don’t wake me up”, “When you can actually talk about your job without explaining aviation terms…awesome”, “We waited patiently two months to see each other…for one week”. Those and much more are the base on which I kept on choosing a man who would understand me or rather be single. My boyfriend and I were coworkers for the same airline with same interest= planes. Just perfect. Be selective and invest time knowing you and knowing your partner. In this industry, sometimes they understand, sometimes they don’t, it’s up to you to decide whether or not keep on going with your relationship. This lack of understanding is very usual in the aviation, be patient but not forever.

our photo in my BF cockpit


  • Support

From the first time I decided to take a step and applied for cabin crew position, my boyfriend was there supporting me. He helped me in my process of joining the Middle East Airline and paid the expenses for my interview in Washington DC. Even though  you and your partner share same interest and some other goals, the expectation can be overwhelmed in some occasions. That’s why offering reassurance and encouragement to your partner is important. Also, let your partner know when you need their support. Healthy relationships are about building each other up, not putting each other down.



And finally,

  • Trust

Trust means that you have placed your confidence and faith in your partner and that your expect honesty, integrity, loyalty and respect to be at the center of your relationship. However, lack of trust is one of the most common themes to surface in most relationships. Keep your promises, don’t judge, tell always the truth (avoid unnecessary secrecy), show your flaws and be yourself! If your partner doesn’t show these qualities either, then is better to build and deepen the trust between you and your partner.


These are the basic ingredients that my relationship has. We’ve grown as a mature couple and our expectations have exceeded more than can people imagine. Overall, if you and your partner follow the basics steps, your relationship will bloom. No matter where you two met or how many differences you both have, you can make your relationship stronger and beautiful.

Me and my Boyfriend

Hope you enjoyed some of our love gallery photos and enthusiasm!


11 thoughts on “Flight Attendant and Boyfriend

  1. love this post. im joining emirates on january 9th and my boyfriend is so sad but still so supportive and we are going to do everything to make us work- our relationship is the most important thing


    1. Congratulations hun!! I know is going to be tough but not impossible!! It’s just a matter of time when the relationship adapts to a new lifestyle! I wish you both great success and enjoy christmas! See you in Dubai!


  2. Hey. I work as Cabin crew and I am away from my boyfriend 3 months now and we have no problems. I completly agree with your post and If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be. I got a flight to Rome (where he lives) in 2 days time, so I am really happy to see everybody. When are you starting?


  3. Reading this love story is awesome, but being there watching it unfold, LIVE it was even better. I remember when he would arrive with food from Bebo’s, on his day off, for you. Seeing all the little things you all made between each other, left me no doubt that you both are meant to be for the long haul. I am VERY proud of you Kirsy, show them how we do it!

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