Dubai countdown

Cabin Crew Header

After you passed the medical tests and final approval you have at least one month to pack for your relocation. So you will have some busy days (especially the last ones) buying some basic items that it’s required for training such as: black closed shoes with no high heels, some black trousers, stockings, among others. Not to mention your personal shopping and doing a list of items for like 5 times, re-checking it over 10 times and adding more stuff to the list! In addition of all quality time you want to spend with your loved ones. While you’re in that process of preparations, you’re also waiting for your e-ticket and Visa. Both are uploaded to your web portal.

Today, I woke up too early for no reason and had coffee with my mother. While having our delicious Puerto Rican coffee “café cola’o” I decided to check any Emirates emails. My date for departure is very soon indeed, yet I haven’t received information regarding my flight nor my Visa. I was a little bit concerned..until whoa! I received my UAE Visa along with my flight schedule. That(departing) day along with the tears and the bittersweet emotions, I’ll be definitely tired. I’ll have to travel late night Thursday from Puerto Rico(SJU) to New York(JFK) it’s like almost 4hrs of flight. Then on next day, Friday morning, I’ll travel from New York to Dubai with 12hrs of flight, arriving at Dubai Saturday morning. Although I need to get used to these jetlags and long hours of flight, it is never the same moving as to be actually on duty. Moving is stressful as well for good-byes. I hate good-byes, or so long, farewell..same term. I’m a very self-sufficient and independent person, however I’m a very family emotional person. I hope I’m strong enough to keep up with this new journey and not have any massive home sick  break downs. Well, is just a matter of time, me and also my boyfriend getting adapt to this new lifestyle.

Furthermore, I also received the fleet I’ll be trained to fly which are: the Boeing 777, Airbus A330 and Airbus A340. I was actually very positive on receiving the A380. It was my dream working in that aircraft, yet I’m still very excited since at least I get to work with the Boeing, and as I’m from the Caribbean and USA, all the assign destinations will be completely new for me.


For now,  since I won’t be with my family on Christmas eve, they’re planning me a Christmas  farewell dinner before I leave. I have 7 days to take off, which by the way, they change my date of joining. Previously was Dec 11th, although I’m still leaving on the 11th. Time moves fast…

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