After Dubai

Terminal 2

December 11th came and I was covered with tears. That same week I dedicated completely to my family. Like I said before, I’m family oriented and attached to my family, so this decision even though is an awesome one, it was a hard one for me too.  I left everything, my home, my parents, my pets and my boyfriend. I moved to literally the other side of the world to a country I’ve never been before and alone. From the moment my family drop me off the airport I was a river! I hold on to my boyfriend and even asked him if I was doing the correct thing, he almost punched me in my face though. I hugged my parents and my two brothers for so long…it looked like I was about to die or leave for ever! It was indeed a bittersweet day. My aunt who works for jetBlue Airways checked me in, and even came with me inside the aircraft. My boyfriend since he also works for jetBlue managed to enter with me through security. Everybody boarded and I was the only one to enter the aircraft, still hugging my boyfriend… still I have those motivated words in my head that keeps me moving “I’ll always be with you, I want to see you focus and wearing that uniform, make me proud”. Once I walked in the airplane, the flights attendants knew I was going to Dubai and joining Emirates. They congratulate me, gave me snacks, wine, they chat with me and treat me so well the entire flight. When I arrived in at 12am JFK(New York) airport from San Juan( Puerto Rico) one inflight gave me a bag full of snacks, juice, water bottles, pillow and blankets. Since my connecting flight from JFK to DXB was about in more than 10hrs, I had to sleep in the airport. I’m so glad the flight attendant took good care of me, the snacks and blankets helped me a lot.

So the moment came and after more than 10hrs I was finally in my flight, first time flying in a A380,EK fleet one of the cabin crew was so darn sweet, she gave me a tour of all the entire cruise with wings 😛 , a bag full goodies, we chat inside the galley, introduced me to the crew, gave me some advises ohh! she was so amazing really! She was pretty happy of knowing I was joining Emirates, she kept me very comfortable the entire flight. So well appreciated. After landing, the stewardess said to me with a big smile: “Kirsy, Welcome Home!” I glimpse through the window and thought…Oh gosh, what I have I done..!  I was just getting homesick and I haven’t even landed yet!  Furthermore, I was accommodated to an Hotel-Apartment while they figure out where to accommodate us. The moment I walked to the apartment, big, quiet..and lonely, I started to cry. I cried honestly like 3 days in a row. I’m used to wake up next to my boyfriend and chat with my mom every morning or evening before bed. Now is Skype. Well, thank God for Skype!

Emirates Aviation College

Our induction started the next day for the entire week and then came the fun part, the SEP (Safety and Emergency Procedures). Before I even started with Emirates I though, why Cabin Crews start a blog and when they arrived to Dubai they just stop writing? The answer came to myself when I started the process of becoming a stewardess for Emirates.


Easy, WE DON’T HAVE TIME, period. We’ve home based assignments, practical test, written tests, and online modules. They give a lot of different information everyday, so you have to practice and read everyday. You can only repeat a written exam one time and the practical 3 times. If you fail, they remove you from your batch (group) and put you in another one which is 1-2 weeks behind and obviously you fall behind.If for a 4th time you fail, you’re gone and byebye Dubai! The training is not difficult IF you study, for me it’s stressful because I’m a hysterical person, I get very nervous and I blocked myself from everything except regarding from the training. The first 13 days is full of SEP, for instance the knowledge and procedures to deal with turbulence, decompression, fire, a reject of take off or returning to field, commands, basic aeronautics, knowing our aircraft, etc. We’re being trained for all the emergencies procedures in this section. IMG_3273

I’ve been so busy every-day! and on weekends i’m even more tired. Last night (December 31st) I didn’t even glimpse  to see the fireworks! I did NADA! Can you believe that? I fall as sleep before even 9pm. All the pressure and stress released from me last night and I just…shutdown. I have lack of sleep on week days, I know it’s bad! but I have to study, with sacrifice you get good things, right? I only visited Dubai Mall so far. Totally recommend it, and yes, is the biggest mall ever.

I haven’t got time to even write in my blog, but I’m so excited for last day of training! (please come fast) I want to start flying and finally post and share my amazing experiences!

Still have one more month to go, Bring it on!

6 thoughts on “After Dubai

    1. Heyy Melissa! I did but I just noticed I didn’t really structured it well. So, we’re so busy studying, practicing and doing assignments that we don’t have time to write. Emirates is very strict and intense training. I’ve tried so many times to blog but i just couldn’t ..till now. Next Saturday, Sunday and Monday I have exam, so imagine that.. 😦


  1. Yea it’s tough the training. Once u start flying u will have more time, but believe me still not that much. I haven’t posted anything in a month or so and I have been to so many amazing places that I am dying to post about 🙂

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