Expectations…and Reality.

Training is tough and stressful, and SEP was the toughest one. In SEP it’s all about aircrafts and basic aeronautics, diagrams, emergencies procedures, assessments and home based assignments everyday plus computer tests with 50 questions. The best part of SEP is actually the last day of the course. We get to jump and slide through the raft, and use the PBE (Portable Breathing equipment).


GMT (Group Medical Training) you’ll learn how to do CPR, deliver babies, how to use basic medical equipment, sign diseases, etc. By this time the whole batch is more close and more like a family. After GMT comes Safety/Security, that section was fun though. They teach you how to defend yourself and how to restrain customers, there’s a short section when they teach the different types of guns and bombs. Also a full section of restraining and defending practice with your colleagues! And finally comes then the Service course.

Now, I want to share this coming up experience with you so you’ll learn that not all is ‘peaches and cream’. For some it’s easy, for others…not that easy.  In SEP phase 3 colleagues did not make the cut and they were send to another batch with 1 and 2 weeks behind. Myself had to repeat the first SEP test because I was so nervous I couldn’t even read and my mind got blanked!  On the door assessments some had to repeated the next morning and so on… Now bear with me, the last and final course which is Service were 12 days of training. We had 2 computer tests, 1 written, 2 assessments and 3 practical tests.  I was struggling with the bar service. Yes, I know, pathetic. Probably because I don’t drink that much…or nothing at all! (just Corona haha!) It did felt difficult for me, like knowing the mixers and stuff. Plus I got to nervous practicing in the simulator and went too shy. My first 2 practical exams were horrible but then in my last and third exam I did better, or I thought I did. We finished the test and the instructors congratulated us for completing the final stage and becoming cabin crews. The next morning we arrived at college to received our licenses and having some fly preparations orientations. But, the instructors had this wonderful idea of giving me the news that same last day to notify me that I did not meet the competencies to complete the service course.  I was so disappointed of me and the way they decided to fail me in last-minute. Who fails service? Just the 1% , I am that 1% my loves. I’ve been moved to another batch and started again the service course for the next 2 weeks while my friends are already flying. It’s sad and frustrating but I tried it again and whala! . The first 3 days to be honest I was upset, later on I just began to demonstrate myself that I have the knowledge and skills for this job, I mean, that is why they selected me, right? I helped my colleges, I went as galley operator, I did very good in the bar service and my profile was perfect! Even my instructors said to me “I don’t know why you failed, you know this and you’re great!”. Well, I wasn’t that confident in the beginning and I didn’t believe in myself. I just got frustrated thinking I wasn’t able to make it rather than just focus and work it out.

Finally, I passed and now is to work and have fun. Prepare always for the worst and try to be motivated always, sometimes we expect the best but we might have some bad experience and it’s up to you to either work it out or give up. I would love to start blogging again more often, it has been very stressful with no spare time to write. In the meantime,  please do enjoy the photos!

See you in the skies!





9 thoughts on “Expectations…and Reality.

  1. Congrats!, You did good. To have such an early experience of failing and getting up is precious, so you already have an advantage now. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Enjoy the skies and maybe someday, somewhere I ll order a Corona:)


  2. Hi Kirsy! I tried to go to an assesment day twice – I got an invitation, but in the end I lacked of courage! I thought, my English was to weak, Emirates are too high level ect. But this time – I am going! 🙂 Could you tell me please, would it be helpful to study a little bit of geography? – I mean where every single country is/capitals ect, or it wasn’t checked at all? How about English? Were there people, they were “weaker” with English?
    And 3rd question – How is it when your boyfriend visits you? Can he sleep with you in one room, when you are not married? Are they very strickt also if you are not of UAE-nationality?
    And maybe could you tell something about the salary?

    Thank you for this blog, good luck with the biggest journey of your life – motherhood 🙂

    Cheers from Poland!


    1. HI!!
      Sorry for the delay, did you went for the assessment day?
      You don’t have to study geography, better English and customer service experience is enough 🙂 .But yes, you need to be good in English, oral communication and written; you’ll might have to take an English exam also, is part of the process.

      Answering your 3rd question, remember Dubai is a Muslim culture, therefore you do want to do your ‘stuff’ in a different way. He did stayed with me at my apartment but I did not mention he was my boyfriend, just a family member, they only check the visitors passport ID matches with visitors form.

      They’re also not that strict with non UAE nationalities peeps, but remember EK Cabin Crew are residents, we all have to respect and follow the UAE rules.
      Salary starts with $2,500 USD minimum and a $1,089 USD basic salary. That all depends of how many hours you’ll have on the month. I always got paid more.

      Wish you great Success with EK!
      and thank you for your lovely wishes!



  3. Hi,
    Very informative blog. Hope you can help me. I have Emirates training in April & the recruiter had said that I should only declare visible tattoos in uniform. I have to and there are not visible in uniform. But I am reading blogs that say people should declare tattoos either way. I’m confused 😩
    Will this be a problem during medicals when I reach Dubai? Will they strip us during the medicals. Please provide information of the medicals procedure when I arrive in DXB .
    Thank you in advance


    1. Hi!!
      If your tattoos are not visible you should be fine, even if you did not declare it, I mean there are a LOT of cabin crews with tattoos 😉
      I guess you are already on your training!! Wish you success!!



  4. Thank you, Kirsy! Yes, this time I went to the casting and…. this week I received my golden call 🙂 I’m soooo scared! Trainings seem not so easy.. Time to go out of my comfort zone 🙂 Thank you and all the best for you!

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