Fun Flight to Mumbai


The weather was not so good because of the sandstorm but Emirates continues flying even if the sky is falling down. After the briefing which even the pilots weren’t in that much of a good mood -and is understandable- we arrived at the aircraft and prepare it for the customers.

Flight to Mumbai was ready. Customers boarded, seated, hot towels were given, limen juices were given, and suddenly.. We are delayed with no time frame. In that period time we gave refreshments and some snacks for the customers while An indian couple screamed at me and I just replied with a smile. We end up being 3 hours delayed due to the sand storm. We all were attentive with the customers and informing them every time we had news. Refuel was made and later on they passed the ‘Q’ for push back.
Cabin crew secure the cabin and we all went to our jumpseats. The aircraft was taxiing, fallowing the runway. Aircraft accelerate in high speed for take off and suddenly.. It stopped immediately!

I cannot describe the feeling of a reject for takeoff (RTO). Is like driving a car in high speed and suddenly you push the brakes completely down, instantly. The car stops and your body leans forward. The feeling it’s bigger in an aircraft though. Everything moves and the aircrafts moves side to side and it feels like you’ve been crashed.

The purser and SFS (I will explain the roles of each in another post) looked at me with a worried face..and said “Is this really happening? Now?!” The air traffic controllers decided to abort the aircraft because of the bad weather caused by the sandstorm and some traffic-jam also. We waited for 10-15 mins more and finally we took-off.

On cruise we did a lot of service, turbulence occur in some phases. The customers weren’t that bad. Some of them went to the galley and chat with us. In one occasion I was looking in one of the cabin compartments for some blankets and one of the customers was standing next to the galley and he just point-out the compartment were it’s stowed. I open it and ha! Blankets! He just laugh with me and asked me if I was new. Hahaha! Oh God that was embarrassing! Well, i’ll get that a lot with these frequent flyers.

At the end of the service a customer wanted a name of one the crew because the girl was very attentive and caring. We, including myself, were searching for this girl. Nobody knew! Until one of the girls had the marvelous idea to ask the customer to describe this girl. “She has green bright eyes..” He said. The girl came back to the galley and shout “Is youuu Kirsy!!” I was like, really? No! Everybody started to laugh and saying; ‘you just got your first letter of appreciation on your second flight, that’s fast’. I went back to the customer and gave him my name, he wrote it down and said thank you for all the hard work and caring I did for the customers.

I truly thank all of our customers who thanks us, write us and notice our appreciation and hard work we do. We do it for our customers indeed. Despite of the sandstorm we all pulled out a great flight. Everything was done smoothly and customers were grateful.

This was from Dubai to Mumbai, India. Well done!



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