Hello Bangkok!

Just arrived from my 8 day trip and I have one word to describe it..AWESOME!

First stop is Bangkok, Thailand.

I’m so lucky to have my first operational flight as a 8 day trip with an awesome crew. The purser was amazing, hard-working and cheerful. The crew were very nice indeed, very helpful and caring. I made friends instantly on the first layover in Bangkok, Thailand. We went to have dinner and for some drinks in a social pub spot. We laugh all night and even went to striptease where Asians performed stunts..oh my god I cannot believe I just shared that! Well, we all laugh and had a great time that night though!  On the second day I went sight-seeing, visit the Wat Pho which is a Buddhist temple, the famous Wat Arun  (Temple of Dawn) which is also a Buddhist temple andbuilt in the early nineteenth century during the reign king. Both have such an amazing and beautiful architecture. Also the Grand Palace, beautiful view indeed.

Octopuses/seafood on the grill
Octopuses/seafood on the grill

I personally encourage everyone to not only enjoy the art and history of Thailand, also try their food. Try all the weirdest plates, explore tastes, explore their markets, their people, their culture. I’ve never eaten a fried banana haha! until I visit Bangkok, their fruits are fresh, and oh jesus, the octopus! any kind of fresh octopus lying on the grill! I don’t like sea food, ew. But, my friend made me tasted it and it was delicious! I also tried the scorpion. It was disgusting. It didn’t taste that bad but the feeling of chewing and splitting the little legs and tail..oh well.

The structures of ancient architecture are amazing, I enjoyed every bid of it, it’s just beautiful! The people are very nice and kind. Also, I had my first Thai massage with hot oil (90min) so relaxing…In fact the massages in Bangkok are very famous because of the ‘extra’ service they provide, I went to a professional one though. Moreover, Bangkok is pretty cheap, you can go shopping and buy lots and lots of stuff in low costs. Don’t take taxi, take the little car they have that goes around pretty fast and you can gamble the fares. I still missed some point of interest, maybe next time I’ll visit them. For now, enjoy the photos I took. Enjoy some of Bangkok!

Wat Pho:

Wat Arun:


Around Bangkok:



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