Beautiful Sydney


After a long way heading to Sydney, we finally arrived to Australia! Sydney has always been in my bucket list and when I arrived and walked through those beautiful streets with beautiful buildings, I just couldn’t believe that I was actually in Australia. We all stayed at Amora Hotel, I have to mention this hotel because I loved it. Very comfy and luxurious looking hotel with good customer service, and the location was perfect, and walking distance to all main point of interest.

IMG_4541First day, I took a shower following a one hour power nap and went off to one of the most popular places on earth; Sydney’s Opera House. On my way to the Opera’s House I passed by the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a very beautiful landmark construction -and-  remains the world’s largest steel arch bridge since 1932, impressive right? The best view of the Harbour Bridge is actually from the Circular Quay, which is a ferry terminal. From there you can enjoy the view of the bridge and the Opera House while the ferries and boats pass through the bridge. IMG_4433You can sit, relax and have a cup of coffee, or maybe a soft drink. People actually sit in the grass and just enjoy the view and the environment.  From there I walked to the Opera House, very crowded and everyone taking pictures on every spot, well, I did the same though. As for me, a Caribbean latina that is in front of the Sydney’s the other side of the world literally, is just breath-taking. I only wished my boyfriend was there with me. After taking so many pictures of the beautiful Opera and enjoyed the view from that side, I walked to the Botanic Garden which is next to the Opera.

Surfer-Manly Beach

The Royal Botanic Garden is a must. Full of green color, relaxing and quiet, perfect for couples too! The rose garden is also very beautiful, the garden is very big, I couldn’t manage to see it all in one piece but I enjoyed it as well. Later I ate in a Irish village near the hotel, and it was delicious!. After a long day of walking I went back to bed and slept until the next morning. We had a long turn flight to New Zealand, we arrived back in Sydney and this time I was so tired, I just decided to have dinner with one of the crew at the hotel’s restaurant, and went to sleep. Next Morning I went back to the Circular Quay with one of the crew, we took a ferry and went to Manly Beach. Manly beach is one of Sydney’s favorite beaches, Manly Beach has a casual atmosphere that feels a world away from the city yet is only 30 min ferry trip from Circular Quay. And by the way, the view on the way to and from Manly beach is amazing! Once I arrived I felt like home! beautiful beach, bikinis, sun and surfers. Manly is a great Sydney beach for the whole family. From the harbour foreshore, the palm-tree lined Manly Corso leads you to the Steyne promenade, where a number of surf clothing shops sell everything from surfboards to bikinis.

Manly Beach

Botanic Garden & Rose Garden


After a long day of walking and exploring, I had dinner with a crew friend and went to sleep. Next morning I decided to go to the zoo to hopefully see some kangaroos and guess what? NADA, CERO, NONE! If you ever want to go to any kind of zoo in Sydney, don’t waste your time. Is better to go to Brisbane, there you can actually even pet the kangaroos. In Sydney you can only take a photo with a sleeping koala and..that’s about it. Overall, I loved Australia, very clean, people are nice, surfers, bikinis everywhere! Expensive but a wonderful city to live in indeed! Another destination marked out of my bucket list! Enjoy my photos!

View from the ferry, to Manly Beach:


IMG_4559 IMG_4551 IMG_4573




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