inLoVe with Taipei

IMG_5724A couple of days ago I was in my room with a friend talking and arranging to do something in our day off in Dubai. It was quite late, like 11pm or so. Suddenly my phone rang and it was crew schedule.  Crew Scheduling, or Crew Control take charge of the rosters once they are published and issued to crew. These rosters are likely to undergo many changes due to the dynamic nature of the airline business. In other words, crew rostering is responsible for creating a roster for the crew to fly. In my case, there was so many sick calls (crew calling sick) that crew schedule had to change and swap rosters. For my luck I had two turns and they called me to ask me if I want to and if I’m able to fly that same night in a layover. I was like, really? OF COURSE! they had 4 layovers for me to pick, and I choose Taipei, Taiwan. My two turnarounds were swap for a layover, my friend couldn’t even believe it.

In about an hour I had to start getting ready and heading off to Head Quarters for the flight.I slept 1 hour, prepare my luggage, put on my red lipstick and went off to HQ (Head Quarters). I’ve been told that Taipei layover is so nice and that is very difficult to have it because everyone is bidding for it. In the briefing, some crew that had already flew to Taipei shared some nice experiences such as; the customers are very nice, very polite and respectful and no matter if the flight is either light or full, it’s always an easy flight. I was so excited!!

After the briefing we went to the aircraft and started preparing it for the customers as well. “Customers at the door” – the purser announced. I put on my red hat and started welcoming and assisting our customers. I most say, Taiwanese are charismatic people and so respecful..and organized! I’ve never done a smooth and easy boarding so far as this one! The service went very easy and fast as well. After 8 hours of flight with 1 hour of rest, finally we land at 5pm. Since my roster was changed at last-minute I didn’t rest properly. So I decided to rest for 2 hours and then go sight seeing.



This place is a night market and is often considered to be the largest and most famous night market in the city containing mostly food vendors and small restaurants; and the surrounding businesses and shops selling other nonfood items. The food court holds 539 stalls!! In addition to the food court, side streets and alleys are lined with storefronts and roadside stands. Cinemas, video arcades among others. I ate like pig and you should too if you ever visit the night market as well! the food is amazing!


After the night market we had some drinks and tried some local beer. We walked everywhere and enjoy the rest of the night:


The next day I woke up like 8:30am, got dressed and went down stairs to try the buffet. People, write this down, the Sheraton Grande Hotel Taipei, the service is wonderful but the buffet! OH-MY-GOD! it’s only 23USD, ALL YOU CAN EAT. The food is amazing, they have a stand for pancakes,sweets; another one for fruits and another for eggs, soups, bacon…they can cook for you for any other request you may like. I ate like a pig..again. The gentleman in the sweets counter was so nice! He made me some delicious french toasts and waffles. I also got bacon,scramble eggs, sausages, toasts and fruits. For drinks, a nice natural orange juice with pulp and a delicious cup of coffee. 3 plates my friends! all worth it! I was so hungry and eating like an animal that I didn’t take pictures of the time I will to share it.

After the delicious fatty breakfast I went with a group of girls from the crew for a little walk and end up at the Elephant Mountain hiking trail.


Mountain Hiking Trail:


The hiking is trail takes about 20 mins to the top,and includes a lot of small stairs! At the top you can enjoy an amazing and beautiful view of Taipei city and 101 Tower.


After the long hiking trail we went walking to the city for a walk and shopping..


..and end up at the Modern Toilet Restaurant:



To be honest, I’ve never thought I’ll be eating here, it’s so crazy! Is fun to go with a group of friends. We were laughing and couldn’t believe we were actually going to have our lunch there. The food is not that good, the ice cream..just simple.It’s just a nice place to have a one time experience..eating on a toilet 🙂


Next and final stop was a shower and a nice 5 hour sleep. 🙂 I loved Taipei, the people are very friendly and always wanting to help and assist. The service is wonderful and the food as well!! Hope to visit again!


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