7 thoughts on “Hello from Luanda! 

    1. I’m 27 and I joined EK when I was 26.
      I think they’re open until 30’s .
      In my batch were girls of 29 and 30’s .
      And i’ve seen new girls joining over 30’s . It’s never too late 😉


  1. Hi kirsy😃 I have been reading your blog for a while now and really enjoy reading new posts😃 I’m joining on June 26th and have assigned the main fleet. If you dont mind me asking do you fly on the a330/340 more than the b777? For the boeing flights are they mostly turnarounds or long range?
    Many Thanks,


    1. I’m so sorry I responded so late, I didn’t realized you had posted a comment.
      I hope you are enjoying your new home already and making new friends!
      As for your question, it depends. You will always have turnarounds, maybe a month with none but mostly you’ll have. My roster is always mixed, I can have 6 layovers and 5 turnarounds with B777 and A330 together. Sometimes crew schedule can give you a whole A330 roster or whole B777.



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