The Bangkok-Sydney-Christchurch

This past month I was on reserve and I finished it with a lovely multisector, Bangkok-Sydney-Christchurch. The truth is that I had 4 days off and they gave me first a turn-around. I was really disappointed because they gave me a lot of days off for..a turn? So, I went to bed (at 3am standby) until next morning which was my next flight (the turn).  At 5am I received I call from crew scheduling confirming my flight. I was sleeping and I knew my flight was no sooner than 10am. Suddenly she tells me; “ You have Bangkok-Sydney. We’ve changed your schedule.” The main thing I like this multisector is that I get to stay in Sydney 2 days and a half. I think you all know that’s one of my favorite cities is Sydney 🙂 . This is also my second time doing this multisector in less than 4 months. (See Bangkok first Operational).

I had only one hour to pack, shower and get ready to go to HQ (Head Quarters). I was the last one to arrived at the briefing room and the entire economy crew were females.. I’ve nothing against working with all females, however is always nice to have one or two male crew. It balances the environment, plus sometimes working with a lot of girls brings drama… Fortunately I made a good friend with a Greek girl, Christina, and spent the entire 8 day trip with her. The rest divided and made their own group (indeed). Same way I did my last post of Singapore-Brisbane which I divided it, I’ll do the same way with this one. My first operational flight was this one as well and it’s in one of my first posts, however I visited some different landmarks which I will gladly share them with you. First stop is:


Since my first visit in Bangkok I did pretty much all sightseeing, this time I decided to visit 2 places, one was the Golden Buddha which I didn’t have time to visit the last I came to Bangkok. I expected something more, although is very amazing knowing that the Buddha is actually made of real gold from inside to outside. The landscape of the temple is beautiful, fulled of gold and bright colors. Problem is, it’s very crowded and it’s almost impossible to take pictures! Here is some:


Inside the temple, Golden Buddha:

I also visited the floating market. Now, this was really a disappointment. I thought I was going to see like in pictures and how they promoted themselves; with tones of floating boats, selling fruits, goods, souvenirs…but in reality there’s NADA, NOTHING,CERO! I even fall asleep on the ride. The rides takes about 2 hours and once you get there, it’s literally 2 floating boats, from there you visit a market where they sell food but I’ve seen better in Bangkok. If you ever visited Bangkok, don’t hesitate in visit the floating market, not worth it. Although the ride through the canals was very relaxing:

At the end of the ride they dropped us to a market where they sell traditional food and fruits. There weren’t so many people therefore the environment wasn’t so interesting. I just walked for several minutes and left.

After the canals trip I went to the Art in Paradise Museum. It’s a collection of 3D paintings, a real paradise for Photography lovers since most of them looked very real and it’s pretty fun. Lots of kids and family but it’s worth it, a little fun taking pictures.


Art n Paradise Museum

Lastly, when finished all the sightseeing I went back to the hotel, took a long bath and went to sleep for the next flight: Sydney, Australia. Hope you like my photos! Next post is all about Bondi beach and its beautiful beach spots photos.


2 thoughts on “The Bangkok-Sydney-Christchurch

  1. Hey Kirsy!

    I am just curious, you have a boyfriend right.? How is the relationship now you moved to dubai? Do you see eachother often? I am considering to apply for emirates but have a boyfriend aswell.. And thinking about that…
    Xx eshna


    1. Hi!!
      Yes, we’re still together, it’s not easy tho’. We haven’t see each other since last time he came which was last March (4months ago). We skype a lot, we maintain communication each other. We talk every single day. But it really depends on both sides. He supports me and understand my job, although his job is in the aviation industry as well. We’re both working the relationship together.

      I think you should talk with him about your goals and see if he supports you. There’s a lot of long distance relationships that has succeed but, then again, it depends only between you and him. 🙂


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