Exploring solo in Shanghai

me at ChinaSometimes when you are new in this lifestyle such as traveling or in the aviation industry, you tend to make friends and schedule tour trips with fellow colleagues. However, reality is another story. I’ve always traveled with someone; with a friend, travel buddy or with my boyfriend. I’ve tried to mixed with groups or try to like to do the things and plans they’ll do in certain layover. This lasted for only 1 month until I fully felt more independent and self-confident.

Most of the crew don’t go out. I’ve known crew being in a new place/city/country and they decide to stay-in.  They always say “You’ll understand after 3 year of flying” in the other hand, I’ve also known crew that have being flying more than those people had and have told me “Always go out, explore and enjoy life. When the body can’t anymore it will tell you. I never stay -in” So, I guess is how you feel of taking this job. As for me, this is temporary, at the end it would be all memories. That’s when I decided to explore a country in which I’d never been before…alone.  From the first time I grabbed a map and took control of my safety, directions and decisions and, had a good time alone. I noticed no one can’t stop me.

At this layover no one wanted to go out just to go shopping. If I, afraid of going alone to the places I wanted to visit, I’ll end up going shopping or doing nothing at the hotel. This is when you need to take a map and go out solo!

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is very challenging place to visit. Almost no one, or shall I say NO ONE speaks English. So if you don’t know Chinese be prepared. There’s no much of tourists, most of them where Asians…or all of them. The rest where business people. Okay so, first, I took a map and marked all the main interest I wanted to visit, which it was only like 3 of them. The concierge explain me everything and gave me a card in which the driver can read where to take me in Chinese. First was the Yu Garden.

Yu Garden was very antique and classical garden. There’s no much of flowers..it’s more like a history experience. These gardens have survived centuries in Shanghai. It’s a nice place to relax and enjoy the traditions as well. Here’s some pictures:




After visiting the garden I went to Lujia Zui which is basically a financial centre but is more famous about the famous Bund view and the tall buildings surroundings. It was foggy that day so couldn’t take good pictures, however the I enjoyed the view:


After a little a walk, I took the ferry and crossed to see The Bund. While I was confirming with myself (lol) where I was going, a chinese boy helped me and took me walking to the Bund. A very nice place to go shopping and eat:


After a long day of walking, I head back to the  hotel and had this amazing buffet where I ate like a pig. Nice chinese cuisine and environment as well.

I never write about the room experiences in hotels but this hotel is amazing! Expensive but very nice. The rooms are so big, bathroom is a dream, decoration it’s a plus, bed is like sleeping in clouds and the food is 5 star more. Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel is very good for couple and business travel. It would not be on my bids Shanghai but, If I have this trip again, I know I am staying in one of the best hotels.

I loved this hotel 😥 sniff!

Well, Thank you for reading, hope as always, you’ve enjoyed my gallery. This is the second of many times I’ll do sightseeing alone and had a good time as well!   ‘Till next time!


4 thoughts on “Exploring solo in Shanghai

  1. Woo, I have been in that situation before, either stay in and miss out or brave it and go solo!!
    Now I have found sometimes solo is best because you get to see what you want to see without being dragged or pulled away from a place by someone else. 🙂


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