Lion Park at Johannesburg


First thing I thought when I saw I had Johannesburg was “Finally!! I can visit the famous Lion Park!!!” On the other hand my mom was sending me news of the woman who was killed by a lion on that same park. “Please, don’t do anything stupid, I know you like danger, take care of yourself..”- My mom replied to me several times when she knew I was going to visit the park…and my dad almost with a heart attack. I was convinced that even if no one of the crew wanted to visit the park, I was going by myself.  Fortunately, most of the crew that have been at Johannesburg didn’t have the opportunity to visit the park. So, we all made a group and scheduled an appointment for the trip. An ex-cabin crew from emirates have this ‘tour’ when they pick up and drop you at the park, and they also drive you into the lion safari.

IMG_8077The entire roster of this month were all layovers and not to much of rest, so at this stage I was so tired although I was so excited of arriving after 8 hours flight plus an hour from the hotel to the park. I pushed myself to go out even though my body wanted to rest a bit. I schedule my arrive time back to the hotel to eat and sleep for my next return sector. When we arrived we went straight to the lions cubs. This, for my experience wasn’t enough. I mean, the sign literally stated “Visit for 1 minute”  ONE MINUTE? I know is for the cubs sake, but don’t make the park so expensive when we only have 1 minute to pet the cubs. I had to persuade the lady to leave me more than a minute. In addition, I didn’t knew what to do! Oh my God, I have to pet them, take photos plus enjoy them! All in less than 10mins! Jesus Christ! I was so excited that after I finished, I glimpse the photos and all where high-resolution, I didn’t even settled the camara. I tried to retouch them, but some of them were no use, ugh! Moreover, this was my experience with the playful lion cubs:

After I finished my experience with the lovely cute lion cubs, I went for the cheetah which I paid extra to pet him…and I was the only one who did by the way. I felt this amazing feeling when I saw the cheetah. I don’t cuddle cheetah everyday you know. This animal is so beautiful and breath-taking. I felt at beginning scared, it could be trained and all, but it’s still a wild animal. “You can touch his head…”- They said to me, while I was sitting next to cheetah. My eyes stared at his and I just wanted to take him with me haha 🙂 so cute and handsome. Beautiful experience indeed, I totally recommend it if you ever have the experience to visit this park, take a chance to cuddle this beautiful cat:


I also enjoyed feeding a giraffe and cuddle a baby giraffe, and I ran an ostrich… yes I did.


Finally, after the all the cuddle, they took us to the lion safari. The park basically has different camps on where they’re different ages of lions for instance, one camp has all young adult lions, another camp has more cubs with their moms, then another camp there’s more adults and so on. The camp in where the woman was attacked, it was previously closed due to investigation order.  All the animals are well-cared, they’re not in cages all day, They’re also in their habitat. They drive you into these camps where you see them do whatever they want, they look very healthy and running IMG_8248in all places. This is why the park has signs everywhere where it says “Please keep all windows closed at all times” and they also paste a sticker on your window stated the same. The lions are actually free and they run and jump onto the cars. It’s a very beautiful experience when you can see and enjoy the lions playing next to your car. It’s obviously dangerous if you make the opportunity though. [See video & photos below]


I was fascinated of the experience, and from the care of the animals as well.  I totally recommend the Lion Park, good for solo travelers, couples and family. Such an unforgettable experience.  😉


Hope you enjoyed the photos and videos,

Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “Lion Park at Johannesburg

  1. Hi Puerto Rican princess Kirsy, your picture quality is by far the BEST I’ve seen on the blogesphere, keep doing what you do we love reading your adventures.


    1. ❤️Thank you so much for reading my blog and enjoying my photos!
      I’m still practicing photography and i’m so happy of my results so far, thank you again, I really do appreciate it! 😃😊


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