Finally, I have a home.

moving-boxes The past few days have been so rush for me, plus trying to finish my last two posts from my last trips, oh! Not everything is peaches and cream or easy as it seems. Sometimes it’s a little challenging and sometimes difficult when you are even living alone with no family around. Let me start by explaining how was my life when I moved to Dubai that explains my stress these past few days. No drama, but yet so uncomfortable. I’m not talking about the laws and culture of United Arab Emirates, that’s another theme in which I’ve adapted myself pretty good actually. Yet, when you move from your country to start a new life in a foreign one, you want to actually have a home to start on, right? but when you live for almost 6 months in a hotel with no information regarding when you’ll be accommodated, it comes stressful with those who want to have a home…a real one.  First months it was okay I guess. The 4 new batches were assigned to live temporary in the hotel. Eventually, we all meet up and make friends. We all gathered and have lunch, watch movies etc. I was often distracted and by that time I didn’t really paid attention for the moving dates, and because of course I thought that it wasn’t going to be that long, WRONG! After we started flying, we all separated, some sticked  together, some made groups and some others (like me) just went ‘solo’. So later I began to see the real world in Dubai. I made myself more independent and as for that, I wanted to have my own things and apartment. Our managers didn’t even knew when we were going to move out. Meanwhile, in those months I spent living in a hotel, I started having problems with my roommate, which I met on my assessment day in Washington DC. She was pretty nice in the beginning; we were quite getting along. However, drama started when same nationalities with different cultures clashes. I’m very patient when it comes to live with another person, yet I don’t tolerate disrespectful comments, people screaming at me or treating me like I’m some kind of relative. My roommate and I already had a dispute about cleaning, plus we always had a problem with the air-conditioner, not to mention the mess of the living room I had to put on and some other stuff. It came to a point that I just couldn’t handle anymore. She raised her voice to me like she does to her mother and that’s when I explode. I warn her that I had enough. She got scared, went off to her room crying and called a friend which she told her “I can’t stand ‘Latina attitude”. I mean, of course! I had to put respect, how can someone with no reason decides to treat people this way? Later on I found out she had some problems with her family, however, once again I told her, that does not give any right nor reason to treat people the way she does. After this drama that thank God it happened, we never spoke, ever!  I was technically leaving in a ‘16 and pregnant‘ show but without the baby…sight! Furthermore, a month later I received an e-mail regarding of a new accommodation we’ll be moving. We had to choose rather to stay in the Hotel or move out. I was delighted for this good news! The past 5 months (by that time) I was so stress of living there. The location was in Al Nahda, far away from almost everything. The hotel was uncomfortable for me, my room was very tiny, I had all my clothes inside my luggage still, I had no bus therefore I had to walk to another EK accommodation stop to take the bus for work,  plus I was living with the devil (lol 🙂 ) The feeling of staying in a hotel in a layover and coming back to Dubai and live in another’s just doesn’t feel like you actually have a home. Fortunately I had finally the opportunity to move out! Then, the week after I received the email, I had the Singapore-Brisbane-Singapore multisector. In which I met a girl from Spain. We got along together and asked me if I was interested of moving anywhere else. I was like…well, yeah! I was constantly asking crew on flights if they knew anyone was moving or was searching for a roommate. Until on this flight, this girl asked me and I didn’t even asked or mention anything to her. Her flatmate was resigning and she wanted to choose someone to move-in rather than wait for a ‘roommate surprise’. She was really nice and the fact I can finally talk with someone at home with my first main language, I was absolutely thrilled!  We arranged everything, print-out the papers and went to HQ. We found out that the process takes longer that we thought. We had to wait for the roommate to hand-in the keys in order to be vacant so that my friend can move to her room (master room) hand-in her keys as well so that her room can be available for me to move in, plus we couldn’t reserve the rooms even though they gave us dates to move. It took 1 month the whole process. In the meantime I was moving from Al Nahda to Al Mamzar. Because also Emirates policy says, I cannot move from the hotel to another vacant room, I have to move wherever Emirates accommodates me in order for me to move wherever I want to. I hope you understood haha. So I moved again, this time my roommate was from Italia, a very nice girl. She let me use her kitchen stuff so I didn’t have to open anything from my boxes, once again I had my things and clothes not only inside my luggage, but in boxes too. After finally 7 months overall, I finally moved! I’ve been living in my new place for 6 days. I finally have a spacious room, my own bathroom, wardrobes etc. My new area is very nice, I have everything I need just literally in front of my building; Supermarket, Beauty salon, Nail Salon, Pharmacy, Restaurants, Metro Station, near airport distance, etc. My roommate is so nice that I feel so comfortable. Yesterday I finished organizing my bathroom. I went to IKEA which is minutes away by car from my place, and bought everything I needed for my bathroom. My room obviously it’s blank 🙂 little by little I will put it nice and warm. At least I already cleaned and finished organizing everything. I totally have a debt with this woman, she saved my life! In addition, I’ve been sick for a week already, congestion, cough etc. So I’ve been on ground, plus organizing my belongings in my new place. Thus I haven’t got any chance to seat and post my last two trips. However is nice always to share personal experiences, besides of traveling and working, we  all do have a life and of course, I love sharing positive and nice things but it’s never too much to share the real life and what some of us struggles. Mine was just one and not really bad indeed, I’ve seen others with so many that…I think I’m blessed. The first problem you’ll might encounter when you move to Dubai to work for Emirates is: Location and Roommate. That, either two can be challenging. Nevertheless, don’t let anything or anyone bring you down.   Cheers! firma

13 thoughts on “Finally, I have a home.

  1. Hola kirsy!! Mi nombre Es zenon soy Mexicano y vivo en Orlando solo quisiera un tip para la entrevista de emirates voy asistir el 8 de agosto en Orlando esta Es mi segunda vez q consejo me darias?? Tu blog esta buenisimo. Gracias:)


    1. ¡Hola Zenon!
      Gracias por visitar mi blog!
      Si es tu segunda vez, revisa aquellos detalles que deberías mejorar.
      Aparte de ir muy apuesto, afeitado, ve con ropa elegante (business attire) mostrar seguridad, etc. Recuerda tomarte una buena foto, eso ayuda mucho en el assessment y si pasas a la final mejor. Ten en cuenta que es difícil como hombre ser contratado por Emirates, aún así no te estreses tanto. ¡Mucho exito!


  2. Hola Kirsy! Soy Karem de Bolivia y me e leído todos tu blog y me has dado la esperanza de que no importa donde seas lograr un puesto en Dubai! Quisiera que me expliques como aplicaste ya que Emirates no realiza od o as en mi país y no se si logre obtener una invitación por eso quisiera quisiera saber como lo hiciste tú para poder hacer lo mismo! Gracias desde ya y saludos 😀


    1. Hola Karem!!

      Gracias por visitar y leer mi blog! 😊respondiendo tu pregunta, en mi caso como Puerto Rico es colonia de Estados Unidos pues me enviaron la invitación para USA.
      Yo viajé de San Juan PR a Washington DC para el assessment day.
      Conozco una chica de Panamá quien vivía en Inglaterra por motivos de estudios e hizo un assessment day en UK antes de regresar a Panamá y la contrataron!

      En nuestros casos no hay otra opción que viajar al assessment day.
      De todo caso llena la solicitud y ve al AS mas cercano, creo que sería Argentina, no? O Brazil.

      Espero haberte ayudado, un abrazo y te deseo mucho éxito!


      1. Muchas gracias por tu respuesta! la verdad ahora me entero que se puede hacer eso pues el año pasado vivía en Nueva York y una amiga me dijo que si me presentaba podría tener problema con la visa y me arrepiento no haber intentado😥, pero ahora me contacte con la agencia que hace los od en Brasil y si voy a viajar a Argentina a probar suerte! Que lo sigas pasando lindo y ojalá algún día poder encontrarte halla! Saludos 😁😁😁


  3. OMG the drama you went through though Kirsy, luckily @ the end of the day you ended up WINNING!!!! Thank goodness you met more good people than bad, people need to be considerate of others and keep bad habits for themselves. Good thing you stood up for yourself its an important quality to have. I’m still waiting for my invite to an assessment day next week thursday will be my 6th week since I applied I really hope I get that invite as I’m getting more nervous everyday its crazy.


    1. Yes I know! We tend to get anxious waiting! Remember you can always try by going to the assessment day without the invitation, if the location is not too far away for you of course.
      Sometimes recruiters accepts people without invitation (;

      And yes, finally I can relax and feel like home! Lol! So happy now!



      1. 😦 I wish I could afford to attend open days in other countries. Finances are a bit difficult at the moment, so my only option is to wait. 3rd world problems lol, all I can do is keep a positive attitude.


  4. Omg I’m so sorry you had that experience with your old roommate. I had a horrible and rude (and dirty!) roommate for a year while I was in college so I can relate. I’m so glad you got out of the situation! I felt relief for you reading your post, lol.


  5. Hi Kirsy! Do you have any fellow female Emirates collegue that has curly hair? If so, do you know how she does the emirates hairstyle?


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