Best Layover, with him.

ed & kirA lot of people have been asking me if I’m still with my boyfriend and how is it going so far. The answer is yes, we are still together, more than ever! I’ve been working a lot with minimum rest days and still trying to swap any flight for a USA flight, so I can spend time with my boyfriend, but it has been almost impossible! Until this month, I had Washington DC. My boyfriend managed to swap his shifts and traveled to Washington just to see me for a 24 hrs layover. I was -or- WE were so excited about finally get to see each other after 4 months.  I really don’t think I should write more about how is our relationship but of how we’ve maintain our relationship. Before that post; a quick stop of how was my best layover, with him.

A lot people called us crazy, pointless, stressful, long distance relationship don’t work, they pity us and so on. For us, we actually don’t care, a 24 hours layover felt like a week. It was precious, time gold, happiness…it was everything. People will never understand, ever! The entire flight I was thinking about him. I worked happy with a smile for every customer, even for the rude ones. I cared less! I was so happy because I was going to spend a day with the love of my life, I couldn’t even sleep in the CRC (Crew Rest Compartments) because of how excited I was! After the 14 hour flight, we arrived at the hotel, and there he was. He was seating in the lobby waiting, staring with big eyes and looking nervous. I immediately went up to him and hugged him so hard! We were about to cry of happiness.  He looked me in the eyes and said “You look gorgeous with the uniform” that sweet voice I felt in loved  with; I finally got the chance to kiss him allover while hearing him personally and not by phone. After I checked in, we went to the room, we chat, hugged more, kiss more, chat again, we took photos while he was saying to me “I can’t believe I’m with”  well, I couldn’t believe either.

We went to Chili’s which it was just crossing the street from the hotel. I must say, I’m totally used to or should I say ‘adapted’ to UAE culture and laws that I felt blessed when my boyfriend grabbed my hand, he hugged me whenever he wanted, nobody looked at me nor stare at me, no attire rules, etc. I felt first weird, and at a same time, oh! how much I missed it. Not to mention the Chili’s menu: STANDARD menu, no Arabic adjusted menu, no beef ribs but real pork ribs and alcohol beverages. I had this sensation of “I will come back, I swear!” and I promise I will. It gave me strengths to continue my journey knowing I will be in his arms again.  Moreover, I stayed awake the entire day just for him. USA flights from Dubai are tiring, I felt I was 4 days in the plane. I managed all my best to spent the day awake for him. Yet, the departure flight to Dubai was next morning at 10am, departing from the hotel at 8am. So I had to rest at least something. We agreed to go to bed no later than 10pm. It was eight O’ clock and I was fighting with my own body not to fall asleep. “NOT NOW KIRSY!” he screamed at me with a sad face while my eyes were rolling back, “No baby, I won’t…” I responded as soonest I took a shower (again) and it woke me up for the next hour. We laugh, cuddle, played like kids, hugged (we love hugging 😀 ) and so on until next thing I knew,  I was asleep next to him.

I look very tired..but happy!!

Next morning we woke up early and had breakfast. I also gave him some gifts and souvenirs along with some postcards I had for him. My mom also send me with him a bag full of Puerto Rican goodies and groceries that obviously I cannot find in Dubai. We went down to the lobby and the Purser said to me laughing “I thought you weren’t gonna come! can you still walk? If you know what I mean..” I was blushed haha! Furthermore, on our way to the airport my boyfriend and I were discussing about our future. I told him I loved my lifestyle, I buy anything I want, staying in luxurious hotels, cash envelopes, traveling everywhere, I don’t pay rent, electricity, water, NADA! But, if I ever have to leave it all for him, I will. He knew I was hoocked with my new lifestyle, with this in mind he explained me his upcoming plans in details which I was involved as well. Once he finishes his studies and finds a job related to his career which is ‘Pilot’ in any small airline (because that’s the way it works) or joining the military, whichever comes first, by that time he wants me back but in USA. So as for that, I can hopefully find a job in a demand airline and continue as a Flight Attendant and, finally start a life together. Our forever ever plan is to settled down in the states, and that’s what we’re working for. I’m saving money and at the same time I’m also buying little things thinking “This will go perfectly in our new future home…” hahaha! Anyhow, after organizing our plans and letting me know that he wants to spent a life with me, we unfortunately arrived at the airport. He shook hands with the pilots, gave me a kiss, a big hug and said “I’ll see you soon..” We couldn’t contain ourselves of crying so we just made it very quick, we didn’t look back, we just separated. I cried a little bit but I tried hard not to show it, no one noticed until we were in the gates, I had a long sad face.

This man decided to fly back to Puerto Rico but connecting thru Boston just to spent more time with me that morning. Who does that? Who ever travels just to be with a person for some hours? Yes, the right man would do it. I am still convince he is the one.



16 thoughts on “Best Layover, with him.

  1. This is truly a beautiful story. It definitely is a meant to be relationship that you guys have 🙂
    I hope you both continue to flourish in your careers and together as a couple!

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  2. Hola Kirsy! Que linda historia la verdad los admiro es increíble el amor que se tienen!!! Felicidades! 👏👏👏
    Por otro lado también te escribo porq tendré mi ad en sao en septiembre y quería pedirte ayuda sobre el examen en ingles si me puedes explicar como fue para poder estudiar y no estar tan nerviosa te lo agradecería!!! Saludos y buena vida¡

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    1. Gracias por pasar por mi blog (:
      Realmente el examen consiste de comprensión de lectura, gramática y escritura. Aveces cambian el tipo de examen, pero no vayas nerviosa, a poco es algo súper difícil. Te deseo mucho éxito !! 😊


  3. I’ve been reading your blogs for a while now and have found them so interesting. I’ve always wanted to be cabin crew especially for emirates, I finally decided to apply this year and have been successful and will be starting in November ! I’m 24 and for asonb as I can remember I’ve wanted to do this, I just want to ask you what is this , what is life like when you are not working ? Have you found it easy to make friends and do u feel it is a lonely job ? I just want some real advice about how being cabin crew is really like


    1. Hi Riya!!
      The cabin crew life is amazing, you actually explore the world! However you have to work it, meaning of making new friends and push yourself to do things on your days off.
      Me for Instance, I don’t have that many friends, because ..I just rather have a few (1 or 2) and I feel totally fine with it. Depends of my roster I rather sleep on my days off or hangout.
      What I do miss is my family and pets. Sometimes I wake up in the morning wanting to talk with them personally..but homesick is something that it will always be there. It’s easy to get along with ‘new friends’ however, you need to always catch up and really push yourself to maintain the friendship or it will be lost.
      It is not a lonely job unless you make it that way. It’s a dream job that anyone should have a taste before anything else.. 😉


  4. What’s your secret to making it work? My girl is in the final stages of joining Emirates, and any insights and tips into how to cover the distance and stay connected, in spite of everything would be very much appreciated. What was his initial reaction to your leaving for 3 years?? Jajajaja. Keep up the good work; best blog I’ve read so far on being Cabin Crew, and followed you on Insta too. Gracias!!


    1. 😊Is not easy maintaining a long distance relationship. What my boyfriend and I do to work it out? Well, we Skype every single day. Sometimes I have to stay up late because of the time differences and so as he. We communicate everything as well. To be long apart, sometimes may need to have more confidence and trust between both, trust,trust!
      Always keep up plans together. Is good knowing that even though there’s a distance between, you have a plan for the future and she’s is in it.
      My boyfriend and I met in this industry and his finishing his BA as Pilot aviation so he definitely understand and supports my decision, although, he was the one who gave me the idea to apply for Emirates lol😂
      My plan is for staying 2 years in Dubai, so we’re cool…despite of how many times we’ve cried,missed and almost quitting this job, It’s been an amazing adventure.
      Is not easy but relationships can work it out, it depends more of communication and trust. (And a lot of Skype, you’ll get used it)

      Thank you for reading my blog !!!😊 what I do like most is interacting with my followers .
      I love helping and inspiring.
      I wish so much success for your girlfriend’s new and amazing career and for your relationship, is going to be a bumpy ride at the beginning, but you’ll enjoy it afterwords. Support her a lot.
      Thank you again!


  5. reading this make me want to cry! I am joining Emirates in one week, and I am about to start the long distance relationship with my boyfriend too! we love each other so much, I hope our relationship can last like yours =] But when you say the trick is to Skype everyday, and i was like shit,,,, me and my boyfriend never Skype LOL!

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