Budapest, Hungary 💚


Every time I think about Budapest I feel disappointed from the decision that I made on my layover. I never take walking tours, but when I do, I choose the worst one to mess up all my plans.  We arrived at 2pm at the hotel, late enough for the bus tours which all the crew that I met in the past have recommended me to booked it. Unfortunately, It was too late for these tours. Since it was my second week working 3 to 4 flights back to back with only one day off, I was so tired and also with jetlag to walk around to all the places that I wanted to visit alone. I mostly take a map and go solo. If I like the plan of the crew I’ll join, if not, then alone it  is. In this case one of the crew invited me to go with her for a  walking tour from a gentleman that offers tours for Emirates crew, so I thought..okay I guess (let me try it since I’m exhausted to navigate alone). I changed and meet up at the lobby. We were staying in the city, so we just walked more into it with a little bit of history and its beautiful architecture. I like tours that they say less history words and explanations, Why? Because I’m not in vacations. I’m there for only a day and a half or two, so I need to experienced the food, the light, sunset, the people, the views, everything. I love to take photos, and standing 5 to 7 mins in the same area talking and talking… It makes me anxious. This is why I prefer going solo with a map, except this time though! Which I don’t know what I was thinking of! I missed the Buda Castle which it was crossing the bridge near my hotel, the church, the liberty statue, the palace, a thermal bath etc. There’s a lot of things to do in Budapest and I know one day is not enough but I was hoping to at least visit the Buda Castle. The walking tour just gets you inside the city and its history, also by the Opera and Chain Bridge. I enjoyed yes, but crossing the bridge were all the sightseeing. I arrived late and tired of walking so I wasn’t able to continue alone. Although, I still recommend Budapest. It is a beautiful city, amazing architecture, food is delicious, many places to go and things to do, and best of all…is not expensive! This is what I did:


Around the city!:








At the park… 🙂


Shoes on the Danube Bank

The Shoes on the Danube Bank is a memorial created on the west bank of the Danube River with sculptor Gyula Pauer to honor the Jews who were killed by fascist Arrow Crossmilitiamen in Budapest during World War II. They were ordered to take off their shoes, and were shot at the edge of the water so that their bodies fell into the river and were carried away. It represents their shoes left behind on the bank.



Buda Castle…far 😦


Yummy local food!

Sometimes you don’t have to visit some fancy restaurant to have delicious food! In fact, the best local foods are in the city streets! Try a Langos ( is a Hungarian food specialty, a deep-fried flat bread made of a dough with flour, garlic, sour cream and cheese on top.) They also make delicious Doner Kebabs (pictures below). The picture on top is a famous pastry in Hungary however, I don’t remember the name (shame on me!) If some Hungarian can correct me it would be appreciated. The dessert is like a dough made in oven, topped with a variety of choices to choose from like, chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa etc. Just DELICIOUS! IMG_4966


I hope you enjoyed my gallery, and so hoping to have this flight again soon. Promise to take better pictures next though. I had a nice time with one of the crew, that it was well appreciated since I don’t hangout with them that often (they never want to go out..) I loved the food and the environment. Hungary is very energetic, they love to dance, music, get along, food in large quantities and so on. Is economic and once again, I definitely recommend it. If you’re wondering to travel over Europe, have Budapest in your list.


5 thoughts on “Budapest, Hungary 💚

  1. Your pictures are always the best, you have such a good esthetic sense! What do you think about making a post about the pros and the cons of this job? It would be really interesting 🙂 Thank you for your work here, it’s so nice to see all these beautiful places through your blog!
    Have a nice day


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