A day in Chicago

After a whole 14hr flight I thought I got old in that plane. As for main fleeters, we’re not used to do these long flights that often. Fortunately¬†I’ve been assigned¬†for ‘murika’ flights! Not home-home but hey, I get to buy products and stuff that only I can get it in USA or Puerto Rico. Stores and brands I only see them in this part of the world and¬†like some other times (like last time) my boyfriend gets to see me on my layover. These are the pros for having USA flights, for me. My boyfriend tried to swap and get rid of his shifts but it was unsuccessful. I¬†unfortunately didn’t get to see him and maybe for that reason I felt I was doing the bloodiest boring flight ever. I couldn’t believe I was going to USA and not able to see my boyfriend. I wasn’t motivated and a little bit sad, yet I tried to comfort myself of thinking I was going to Walgreen’s, yes Walgreen’s. There’s two simple things an American must have in each corner and cannot live without it: Walgreen’s and of course, Walmart. For my eastern European peeps: Walgreen’s provides¬†access to consumer goods and services, plus pharmacy, photo studio, health and much more. Most products from this store/pharmacy are impossible to find in Dubai. I was determined to shop at Walgreen’s before I leave and that’s what I did.

We arrived at the hotel about at 5pm or so. I took a shower¬†and went down to the concierge to ask for the nearest Walgreen’s. It was literally a corner away. Finally and so happy I grabbed all the things that I need it, -“OH my God!”- I said out loud with my eyes wide open almost crying of joy while grabbing 5 clinic deodorants. I’m a freak with my smell and I definitely don’t use those spray and roll ‘on so called deodorants that people use in Dubai, like what the hell? Not to mention that most people don’t even use deodorant but anyways back on me shopping… When I finally went to the¬†cashier to pay, I open my wallet and guess what? I left my debit card back at home..DUBAI! Jesus Christ. I left angry back to the hotel thinking how can I figure it out on buying those stuff. I remembered I had 2 more debit credit cards but I didn’t knew if it had money, I haven’t use them since I moved to UAE. I called my boyfriend and he couldn’t transfer me money because at that time all the banks were closed. He decided to check for me the amount, and for my surprise I had more money that I spectated. I went back, grabbed all my things once again and finished my Odisea. ¬†I even had points accumulated in my Walgreen’s card, I definitely¬†used them. As a happy shopper almost jumping of joy, I crossed the street and thought “Now, I can eat!” and went to a restaurant, which I do apologize but I lost the map in which it had the name wrote on. I had a nice plate of pork and a Blue Moon beer.¬†Later on I walked back to¬†the hotel and slept till 8am next morning.

Next morning after having a nice breakfast and treated so nice by a Mexican waiter who technically was his first time chatting with a Puerto Rican with the actual accent. I was actually planning to go nowhere and he motivated me to walk to the park at least. I was so tired but I’ve never been at¬†the Millennium Park and it was pretty early so why not just walk and enjoy the morning. I went straight to the Millennium Park, alone of course. I enjoyed a nice view from the buildings, the Harris Theater, the Boeing Gallery South, The Lurie Garden was not in its season so, no flowers or colors whatsoever. Finally, I sat down and watch families with their children playing at the Crown Fountain, and lastly but not least:¬†the photo shooting at the Cloud Gate. I mean, If you visit Chicago and didn’t take pictures with the bean, sorry but you didn’t visit Chicago. I din’t took a lot of pictures on this layover. I was so¬†tired, a 24hr layover for a 14hrs flight is not enough. Then again, ¬†at least I went and enjoyed the park and a nice restaurant.

¬†‚ėĀ Cloud Gate¬†‚ėĀ

Wrigley Square  

Crown Fountain¬†ūüí¶

ūüö≤¬†Around the city¬†

Hope you enjoyed my little gallery of Chicago!


4 thoughts on “A day in Chicago

  1. Hi Kirsy, your blog is such a lovely read, thank you for your very nice posts. I was just wondering, is it really normal that most of the crew do nothing on layovers? I get that sometimes you are tired or you have seen the place before, but from your posts it sounds like you mostly go out alone? Nothing against it, I often prefer it myself, I just thought that the crew are more outgoing. ūüėä

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sadly yes. Most likely crew don’t do anything. I’ve even met crew going for their first time in a certain layover and they don’t go out or maybe just for dinner and that’ it. It’s more of the times I go out alone than with the crew.
      I didn’t like it at first but I know i’m so used it ūüėä.

      Thank you so much for reading my blog!! So nice that you like my posts!


  2. Hi Kirsy! This is Karem again the girl that is from Bolivia and is gong to have her assessment day on sep 27, I have some questions but I want to make in a private email because as you know for us (latinoamerican) Is a little bit different some things, so this is my email (karem100@hotmail.es) I hope you can send me your email to help me! Other way I’ll understand you and I’ll continue asking here! ūüėĀ


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