A quick view of London~

Ahh!! a United Kingdom flight, delightful. Most of crew run away from UK flights. Apparently they’re extremely busy with no time to have a rest. I had a Manchester and to be honest I wasn’t thrilled to work that flight, not even for the layover. So I swap it for lovely Malta (post coming up next). After Malta I had this one, London Gatewick which most people encourage me to work it since is a nice layover. The flight duration was 6 hours with some 30 mins or so. It departed at 3am so passengers were all sleeping, very easy flight but challenging to maintain awake. We stayed at a small hotel near the airport and next to the train station. We arrived at maybe 8am at the hotel, I checked in and asked someone in reception to explain me how to get to the city by train when suddenly, one of the girls from our crew was asking another crew how to get to the station. “Are you going to the city?” I asked her. “Yes” -she replied. “Well I’m going as well, if you like we can go together..” I respond to her. She immediately said yes and we arranged to meet an hour at the lobby. We took a shower, met at the lobby, had some coffee and went to the station which it was literally at the back of the hotel. We started asking for directions and it took like only 20 mins to get to the city. The first stop was exactly in front of the Big Ben. We kept walking and took a ride at the London Eye which we experienced a lovely view of London city and the Palace of Westminster as well. We ate at a restaurant near called “Giraffe” (hamburgers, sandwiches, etc) and from there we took the subway and went to see the famous Tower bridge more known as the London bridge, which I found out the actual London bridge it’s another one. The Tower bridge is beautiful, such an old classic architecture that has maintain itself since 1894. The bridge and the entire city is clean, the transportation is very convenient. Nothing is near, meaning the points of interests as a tourist. So, you need to take train and subway to get to all the sightseeing, museums, London bridge, Harry Potter studios or to the Buckingham Palace, etc. However, the public transportation as I have noted, is very convenient and not that difficult once you get the hang of it, there’s always people to assist you too.

As you may not believe, these are the three only things we did in our layover (Big Ben, London Eye and London Bridge). We walked a lot even though it sounds short and quick, but we were actually exhausted. On our way back we even fall asleep in the train and arrived at the hotel at 6:30pm almost falling apart. I remember I just took a shower and slept immediately until next morning. Yet, I was still tired! It was my 3rd flight back to back that week and my body was already giving me the hint of “Kirsy, enough. You need to rest..” Nevertheless, as always, I took some photos and made a small gallery to share it. Hope you like it 🙂

Big Ben

Tower Bridge

London Eye

Thank you for passing by and for all those who have been reading my blog for some time and sending me wonderful e-mails and lovely messages, thank you so much!! It is more than a pleasure to share my experiences and photos with all of you. 


4 thoughts on “A quick view of London~

  1. By the way I’m finally attending an AD for EK this coming weekend, I’m very thankful for your advice it helped a lot. Looks like you had a lovely time, London is such a scenic city. I’m in awe by your photographic skills trust me you have natural talent. The burger & chips looks mouthwatering simply looking at the picture makes my tummy grumble *nom nom nom*

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    1. Hahahahaaha thank you, you made smiled!! My bf has been encourage me to take photography classes in Dubai, maybe I’ll try it.
      Remember, confidence is a must! Be prepared, rehearsal your answers and red lipstick 😉 .

      I wish you the best!!


  2. Hey Kirsy, how you doing? I hope you’re doing great! After read all of your blog in one day, I have to say, I’m in love with the way that you tell us your adventures and your life and a plus to that is that you have incredibile photos, wich makes the experience for us more beautiful and complete!

    I have to say also that your blog posts from Bangkok and Sydney are my favourites, because I visited those cities in my recent trip, and it bring to me such a nice memories while I was reading.

    To end, I just wanna say: Keep up with this good job that are doing in the blog and in Emirates of course, you motivated me a lot, thank you!

    Kisses from Brazil!

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    1. Speechless from your lovely comment Enrick.. thank you❤️, for passing by, for taking your time and read my blog.
      My favorite post as well is Sydney, is my favorite city! (And Rome) 😊 Australia was my dream, so those photos/trip have a special place in me.
      It’s more than a pleasure to share my photos and their stories behind them. So glad you enjoyed my blog, Obrigada!


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