A walk in Hamburg

Hamburg is  harbor city, its port is the third largest in the world, after London and New York. It’s also famous for exclusive shopping, classic vintage architecture, local beers, food and more. The weather is not always nice, mostly raining. For my luck, I had a beautiful day with blue sky in my first day at Hamburg, Germany. I was so thrilled to work this flight because I’d always wanted to visit Germany. Most of the crew loves Munich and Hamburg because of the classic city and views both have, not to mention that Germans flights are so easy. Meaning, they’re nice people, no complains, and these flights are never fully booked or over booked. It departs very early in the morning so most of them are sleeping and on the way back the flight departs at 4:30pm so they’re also sleeping. No busy flight whatsoever. I met a crew on this flight from Venezuela very new in the company, he was so nice as well the entire economy crew. We arrange to meet up at the lobby to go out for dinner and a walk. One super nice girl from Germany (Munich) went with us, as well of other 2 crew from Economy and one from First Class which she was so lovely as well. Is very rare to hangout or even chat with first class crew, but she was an exception ❤ . We walked, enjoyed the weather, it was pretty cold but I LOVED IT. Maybe because I’m used and tired of Dubai’s horrible hot weather that when I feel a little bit chilly, I just enjoy every minute of it. Everyone were wearing scarves, big warm jackets and well me, yes I was wearing leggings, boots and a long sweater…and an open jacket.  Actually, I didn’t use the jacket until evening because I was afraid of getting a cold.

I loved the city, there’s shops everywhere! Europeans, American brands, exclusive brands, you name it. All kinds of restaurants you can pick off. Beer stands were you can order a glass of beer, seat and enjoy the view with great company, wine shops, pastry shops etc. We walked to Aussen Alster, this river is the heart of the city. Its opulent grasslands on the edge of the bank offer plenty of opportunities to be close to the water, right in the middle of the city. Just by seating down with a blanket or a deckchair, taking a walk, the options are endless. Naturally, the Alster is surrounded by cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a meal or drink with a splendid view of the water. From there we walked through Alster Arkaden, the historic arcades and architecture lead you along the canals to Hamburg€™s main square and its richly decorated city hall. We also passed the Rathaus which is the  seat of the government of Hamburg and as such, the seat of one of Germany’s 16 state parliaments.






After a walk and some drinks, we went back to Alster. There, we choose to eat at ‘Alex’ restaurant. Not so good customer service, I mean, we waited so long to order, then for pay. Every time we tried to stop a waiter they were like “One moment please..” and ran off. We wanted to order dessert but even the German girl and I lost the appetite “I rather have the dessert somewhere else..”- She said. And so we did. Although, the food was delicious. I ordered a local plate Wiener Schnitzel with fries. Which basically  is a dish consisting of a thin slice of veal that is breaded, fried, and garnished. I had it once in Austria though. But this time I ordered a pork Schnitzel. I ate the whole plate with of course a glass of local beer; Franziskaner Weissbier, just delicious. After we chat, had some more beers and all, we walked through other streets, shame it was Sunday so everything was closed. Almost before evening we were back at the hotel. I was pretty sleepy already maybe because of the big plate and beers (makes me sleepy) so I took a shower and went to sleep like at  8pm or so. So granny I know.

Next morning I woke up late at 10am with runny nose and some cold… gee I wonder why? (remember earlier about me enjoying the cold weather… yeah.) The day was nothing like the day before, it was grey and rainy. I Went for breakfast and decided to walk to the city still and buy some souvenirs since the flight was at 4pm, picking us up at 2pm, I had time to enjoy a little bit more of the city. Alone I went, bought some goodies and while I was specifically searching for a beer glass a gentleman noticed I was like wondering but confused, he asked me “Can I help you?” with a big smile. -Yes! -I respond- I’m trying to find a shop that sales beer glasses. He starts to explain me but suddenly I was like ok, no. I don’t understand. So he noticed my face expressions and said “You know, I’ll take you.” -Oh, no thank you, don’t worry- I respond. But he insisted “I have nothing else to do, I have an umbrella, you have an umbrella, I’ll walk you, is near.”  So be it. He walked me to the shop and back to where he found me haha. He asked me “Where are you from?” -Puerto Rico- I responded. “Oh! San Juan, Puerto Rico! Wonderful Salsa!”-he says with a big smile on his face while I was in shocked… Nice, a German who actually knows where Puerto Rico is, we exist! Once I thank him and noticed the time…holy mother… I only have an hour to get ready! I lost track of time! I started to walk very impatient, almost running. Thank God I made it on time enough to prepare myself, although I didn’t put that ‘Emirates’ makeup, you know the glitter, the fancy foundations, more glitter, beautiful eye shades pfff!! Whatever! I need to get down stairs like since yesterday! After running and on rush I finally made it on time for check-out.  I enjoyed the layover with the crew and the city itself. I would like to come back but for shopping, even though is expensive but believe me, that city makes you wanna shop!… and drink beer… and eat schnitzels yum yum!!!


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