Malta Island

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been in Malta. Honestly at first, I didn’t had that much of interest visiting it. Ignorance is so bold, I know. My mom was so thrilled when she saw my roster by then -“Malta is delightful! You are going to love it!”-She was so convinced that I was going to change my mind once I land at Malta. This was some 2 roster behind though, I had it twice and then…I remember I had some other layovers which I didn’t like, and I managed to swap it for Malta instead. Next thing I knew, I was hooked with this Island! I was waiting for some time to gather all the things and photos, and write it all in one post. The island is very small, I find it so relaxing! Although Maltese’s like to hang out a lot, they’re very happy people, the city is always shinning of bright lights, restaurants full of  people, the streets are always crowded in a way that you won’t feel insecure of wandering around solo. In addition, wherever you go, the Islands’ scenery and architecture provide a spectacular backdrop. A very friend of my dearest boyfriend send me an inbox with pictures of an article from National Geographic Traveler. It stated how amazing can be visiting the island and it also mentioned the top places to visit along with the top nice restaurants and hotels. So, even that I had this layover several times on my rosters, I was looking forward to do something different on each layover, or at least enjoy a different restaurant.

My first time visiting Malta I went with a nice Italian girl to Valletta. I always arrived with my eyes at the back of my head and almost crawling… But once I glimpse the beautiful  blue Mediterranean beaches, the weather, the honey-coloured stones and its fascinating architecture that brings history back to life, yes. I’m all awake again. Valletta is like half an hour or a litle bit ore from where I was staying, which was at St.Julians. It is abundantly rich in sites to see and explore, intriguing historical buildings around every corner: votive statues, niches, fountains and narrow side streets are full of tiny quaint shops and cafés. Here is some lost shots of Valletta “A city built by gentlemen for gentlemen“:


I loved the balconies… ❤

Siege Bell War Memorial 

St. Julians                               

After the long walk around Valletta, we went back to St. Julians and ate at Rafael Restaurant. It’s an Italian restaurant that has a variety of pasta and pizzas to choose from. The service is not, well, not so nice. It’s always crowded but I’ve been to even more fuller restaurants and service is always good, so for me it’s not an excuse. I had to always remind the waiter my menu, my order and the bill to pay. I also had to wait a long time on each phase of the service. I felt like the waiter was rushing me when I asked him for the best seller plate, I was like “you know what, whatever…just bring me this..” Although the food is very nice quality and the portion as well.

The hotel is right in the city, St.Julians. Just in front there’s 2 beaches to choose of. Both are rock beaches though, I’m used to my own beaches from the Caribbean which are sand beaches, but obviously i’m currently in the Mediterranean ocean thus the beaches are rocky. On my first time I did sightseeing so this time, I wanted to try the sun and beach. I went alone to a coffee shop, bought some snacks and took it with me to the beach. I lay down, took some sun, went to the water, ate and slept under sun. I remember my body screaming for this so bad that when I woke up from my nap at the beach, I felt so relaxed. I repeated this on my following layovers. I remember one time a girl joined me but she left after an hour, I stayed until 6 pm or so.

(These are iPhone photos :p )

Star Pizza! yum!
Star Pizza! yum!

After my beach day 🙂  I’m used to walk to the other site of the city and enjoy the nightlife. I went once to a restaurant once called “Cafe Cuba”. When I sat down and saw the menu I felt disappointed and asked to a waiter -“This is not inspire by Cuba cuisine, right?” -“No”. He replied. -“How do you know by the way?”  I gave him a smile and.. “Well, by the menu. There’s not even a plate with rice here… 😀 ” He was so embarrassed that even told me they always get asked for a traditional Cuban plate and the menu is Italian, however the restaurant’s name and music is Cuban, so it confuses the customers. In comparison of Rafael, the service is more like the same, rush, none contact with the customer etc.  At this point I don’t know if it’s a culture thing haha! but, the food was very  nice ( I ordered a Star pizza, delicious!) the view as well.  Nevertheless, I do recommend both still. What I do really like is that they don’t rush you to leave. I sat with my beer like half an hour, just enjoying the view, ocean, lights, people walking, etc. And never asked if I finished.

Selfie with the gelato
Selfie with the gelato

Prices at Malta are very cheap. I tend to buy a lot of wine and spend all of my allowance in food. The gelatos are very nice and cheap as well. I tried one in the evening while walking around the city  to the hotel, 1.50 Euro!  Next day I tend to go again to the beach or sleep all morning. Last time I had a beautiful view from my balcony and decided to had breakfast in the balcony and enjoy the view. I remember I felt so relaxed, I didn’t wanna leave!

I hope you enjoyed this layover as much as I do every time I visit Malta! 😀 I would post soon about my previous layover, Rome. And my next trip to Prague. I’m counting my days of my leave, going crazy with things to pack plus working back to back, feew! Can’t wait! Thank you for passing by!  🙂 -cheers.


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