When in Rome…

When I saw Rome in my roster I thought swapping it, then again, I haven’t been in Rome for a year ago so, Why not again? My first time was actually with my lovely boyfriend ❤ (That’s why I didn’t want to do it… to many memories of us in this city) It was my dream since I studied Ancient History and Rome History while I was doing my BA degree. I felt in love with their education, architectures, arts, culture, everything! I remember seating in a Human studies class and saying to my professor -‘Someday, I will visit Rome, and I’ll touch the Colosseum walls with my bare hands..’- It came true. First thing I saw was the Colosseum, my eyes almost cried, I couldn’t believe I was actually there. While I was standing doing the line for the entrance, I was literally touching its walls, I had goose pumps, I grabbed my boyfriends hand -‘I finally made it!’- saying to him while I was admiring and imagining me hundreds, thousands of years ago in that place.  Most people have their travel destinations to explore, to gain knowledge, to see someplace new. But, we all have that certain destination in which is more than just exploring or visiting. It’s something we most do before we die! We all have a list, let’s admit it. But we also have that special ONE that we keep in our hearts,  too cliché? I know but; Rome will always be Rome, ancient city that never gets old, city full of history, a city with memories of me and my boyfriend… a city that after a year it still gave me goose pumps, Mamma mia!

my love and I, in rome
My love and I in Rome, Feb 2014

Rome has so many, many, and many things to do. Thank God I visited and enjoyed the fullest before, as for a cabin crew you definitely have no time to explore. I mean you can visit the Colosseum, the line takes you ages. Then, you can walk around but you won’t have time to visit other point of interest, rather than just admiring from outside view. For instance the Vatican, (I cried too when I visit the Vatican for the first time by the way 😀 ) the line is normally outrages. I remember on my Holidays, I did an schedule with my boyfriend, we took a whole day just for the Vatican. So, as for a cabin crew you can just explore walking around but if it’s your forever dream as it was like mine: visiting Rome and enjoy its History by fullest in a layover, It’s a no-no. You need like at least a full week with no break to enjoy Rome. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed Rome. I must admit, It still gave me goose pumps when I saw the Colosseum. I loved visiting again the Vatican city, The Trevi Fountain was closed 😦 I was planning to have a snack and coffee right in front of it. Memories of me and boyfriend bloomed everywhere, in every each corner. I went walking with other 2 crew, and so we walked in every street that my boyfriend and I did a year ago, even the B&B we stayed by that time! (Bed and Breakfast). I remembered everything, I was like “Aww! My boyfriend and I walked here and we did this, aww! my boyfriend and I kissed here, aww! my boyfriend and I ate here and then we went over there…” -Kirsy! is enough!- the other two crew were getting annoyed and I completely understood haha. It’s incredible how our brain works and remembers every detail in a foreign country after a year… Whoa!

The hotel was a little bit far and we had to take train to get to the city. The last stop is literally in front of the Colosseum. We stayed a little bit admiring the beauty of it. So glad that the two crew were very outgoing, no pressure of taking photos, or seating down and just enjoying the atmosphere. Of course we were mainfleeters, ahem! We’re cooler! 😀 just kidding!  I still recommend to visit Rome in February, unlike this season, in winter (February-March) not a lot of people travel or on vacations. For me it was too full of people, and selfie sticks everywhere, ugh! I couldn’t take any nice pictures anywhere! here are like 2 of millions I’d tried with the Colosseum background:

After hanging around the Colosseum, we decided to walk to the Vatican City. On our way we made some stops to buy souvenirs and send some postcards. One of the crew (girl on the bottom photo) she lived for a couple of years in north Italy, she was very happy taking us around and telling us her stories when she lived in Italy and how much she loved it. Before arriving to the Vatican we sat down in a litle restaurant and had some drinks and snacks, we chat and then went off to the Vatican:

Castel Sant' Angelo
Castel Sant’ Angelo

After finishing with the Vatican, we walked to Piazza del Popolo but it had some advertisements and posters 😡 so I didn’t enjoyed it that much. After, we crossed the Castle Sant’ Angelo, very crowded as well. Later we went straight to a nice restaurant which I went  before with my boyfriend but it was closed at the time we arrived. We decided then to eat in some nice small restaurant in some corner around the street. We had pizza and wine.
 I enjoyed Rome differently, this time was more about walking around with no preference, eating and drinking. At the same time it was bittersweet, since for me the best holidays were with my love visiting Rome, thus the city has memories of him allover. I was just thinking; ‘I’ll see him soon, just a couple of days left’. That kept me happy the entire layover.

Some pictures of the Colosseum at night while we were walking back to the metro station:

Rome, it was nice seeing you again. I’ll see you next time, hopefully with my boyfriend. Your streets still remains beautiful as well as your amazing arts of ancient architecture, your delicious coffee’s and incomparable pizza’s. You are still one and always my favorite city among all.



9 thoughts on “When in Rome…

  1. Hi kirsy,

    I was wondering if you could tell me what you know about being trained for the A330/340 and 777
    I just received my email that I will be trained for this and from what I’ve read it’s not a great thing 😦


    1. Welcome to Main Fleet!
      I operate those aircrafts as well. We do get a lot of turnarounds compering with A380’s but don’t feel down, the crew are friendly, easy work, you’ll still get B777 destinations which are great. Emirates is cross training mainfleeters to A380 (they’re buying a lot of airbus and new B777), so probably you’ll not be that long on this fleet.
      Don’t listen to A380 crew saying that they’re better, or that you’re never get good rosters.
      You’ll be fine 😉 You’ll see.


  2. Hi!
    I really like your blog – it’s so lovely and informative 🙂
    If you don’t mind, I have a question for you: I’ve been accepted as cabin crew for Emirates and would like to know how thoroughly the medical exam in Dubai is? Is it just checking the heartbeat and stuff or are they screening your whole body (skin?)?


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