The City of a Hundred Spires

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague; one of the most beautiful cities of the world and I had the pleasure of finally visiting it, twice! Before I commence sharing my journey, I would like to dedicate this post to Renata from Czech Republic, Thank you so much for having the initiative of inviting me to walk around your city, it was more than a pleasure.  Your wings will be spread soon, I’ll see you in the sky!

The flight was extremely exhausting. Prague peeps like to drink and a lot, thus the entire flight was very busy. We arrived at almost 1pm of the afternoon really tired. I arrived at the hotel with my eyes rolling back. Yet, I managed to text back to this wonderful girl who follows me on my blog. She wrote me, inviting me to walk around the city and to meet me. I don’t tend to do this, in both ways it could be dangerous. I mean, I could be ‘someone else’ or she could have been some ‘guy with bad intentions’ however, she gave me a trust feeling and also we were going to meet at the same hotel I was staying, so It was pretty safe. I told my mom and boyfriend and went down straight to the lobby. She was already waiting for me, she was very lovely and beautiful. We start with a laugh realizing I forgot to bring boots, it was winter already and I had sandals! Jesus Christ! We took the subway and arrived to the city where all the shops where at. It took me more than 2 hours to find a pair of boots, not to expensive and that I really liked it. Thank You Renata for being so patient.

While we’re walking, we talked about my experiences in Emirates, good and bad, she asked me about how’s living in Dubai, my new roommate, and more about the dislikes (pros and cons). She told me she wanted to join Emirates after finishing her MA, which I think is a terrific idea. I always encourage to finish the studies first, no matter if you’ll never develop that major in the future. It’s always good to have a base. I mean, I’ve heard girls with 24-26 years old in the briefing “..before Emirates I was studying, I add a pause to University and now I’m a cabin crew”. Oh really, that’s it? Common girls, you can do better. Education is an inversion, plus is good to have it on this field (or any!), it might come in handy, believe me.

Suddenly while talking and walking, we arrived at the Old Town Square. Very beautiful, it felt  like in some fairy tale story. Architecture is very antique, old, history everywhere and lots of markets.

Jan Hus monument
Jan Hus monument

Prague astronomical clock:

Church of Our Lady before Týn:

Charles Bridge:

The bridge has a beautiful sightseeing, landscape, at night is full of colors.
Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and finished in the beginning of the 15th century. So while you pass the bridge you’ll transport yourself to many centuries and years ago, it’s fascinating and beautiful. The architecture is Gothic with baroque statues, there’s also a tower standing on each end of the bridge. Both can be climbed for a view of Prague and the bridge from above. Charles Bridge is on the top of every Prague visitor’s must-see list. Is almost constantly filled with people, so if you’ll like to enjoy it with less crowd, go very early in the morning or late at night.

St. Vitus Cathedral:

Okay, I tried my best to take a good picture of this masterpiece, but it was impossible. I need to buy myself better lenses to capture a wide angle for these kind of pictures. The entrance is very close to you and in a ‘closed’ space, so it’s kinda difficult to take a whole photo of it. St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest and the most important temple in Prague. The architecture is also a beautiful, Gothic style from the 1940’s (if i’m not mistaken).

After all the walking, we decided to stop and have dinner at one of the local restaurants in the old town, quite more expensive than other places but we were in a tourist area after all. I don’t remember sure the exact name of the plate that I ordered. It was duck with coslow salad, some bread and…don’t remember the other side dish. I usually write the name of the plates but for some reason, this time I forgot! 😡 oh! and a beer obviously. We crew love beer… and wine 🙂 .

Renata asked me an interesting question while eating, that I think most future cabin crew or blog followers might have:  I want to know the bad experiences, not everything is peaches and cream, why EK Cabin Crew don’t write about reality?

The truth is, we can’t write about negative things. They (UAE government) actually observe and follow up our photos being post, shared articles, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, comments, Blogs, Twitter… everything. Anything that makes the company look bad or  to our customers, it can jeopardize our job. I do can write about the struggles of some situations, by writing it very delicate and briefly. Like for instance, the situation of my first roommate (ugh!) post. I did gave to Renata the pros and cons, her  face expressions definitely changed while I was giving her the negative facts. That’s when I stopped and told, this is why I don’t like to write about negative stuff, your mind will change. I want to inspire, Is true this job is not peaches and cream, no job is. Even though working for Emirates has been the toughest decision I’ve ever made, it has been also one of the best decision it will ever be.  I’ve experienced good and bad things, still, it made me grew, matured, see life differently, traveled the world, etc. Despite all negative thoughts, I still encourage everyone to try it if you really want to, as  I advised her.

After having dinner, Renata took me back to the hotel. It’s a shame we totally missed to take a picture together. It was a wonderful life experience to meet new people from other countries, and from my blog! I was telling this story to one of the crew on that flight and she was amazed “How’s this job take us to these such of beautiful life experiences! Kirsy, how lovely. I wish I had an experience like that one, write it and keep it forever!”  For some people, they actually enjoy their job, their life has a different kind of meaning. This crew even asked for my blog and was even more thrilled than me. Thank you Renata, it was such a lovely experience, I loved your city, you were an amazing tour guide! ❤ You have potential to be a cabin crew, and as you said to me while saying good bye at the hotel, I’ll see you again but flying together as EK Cabin Crew!

But wait, it don’t stop here. I came back doing this trip once again back to back, just before my Leave. I message Renata but she was working that day so unfortunately we didn’t get to see each other again.  However, the crew was nice. The purser, one from businesses class and the rest from economy decided to walk around the city and have dinner, so I jumped in. We actually almost did the same walk as I did with Renata last time, but It didn’t matter for me. Prague is a beautiful city in which you wouldn’t mind walking again and again every time you visit. Actually this flight crew bids for it, crew actually fight for this flight and if they don’t want to work it, they can swap it for any other good destination. Anyhow, these are some pics of that day:

This time Prague was rainy, but still beautiful. I did some more souvenir shopping and bought some chocolates for my boyfriend and family. This flight was the last one before my very first leave so I was really happy and buying some stuff for my family. After walking and taking pictures we decided to take a stop and have dinner. I had 2 plates and of course, beer. We sat outside of the restaurant with a rainy cold weather and chat while waiting for the dinner. They asked me about Puerto Rico, and me being proud (as all Puerto Ricans haha)  I put a lil’ bit of Puerto Rican salsa on the table and they enjoyed so much they actually asked me to leave the playlist on.

After we ate which it was delicious, baby ribs with BBQ sauce and a soup. We went walking into the Old Town square. While taking pictures and videos, suddenly I looked around and the group disappeared. I stayed at the exact same place for about 15 mins. I looked around -WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!- I yelled -“GUYSSS?”- No response. It was very crowed at night and dark, everyone was dressed in black so it was even more difficult. I took a map out of my purse, I started to read…but I didn’t remember the train station of my hotel, I didn’t even knew where was the hotel located, I didn’t marked anything. I was so furious of how can they even possibly move without even shouting or count everyone. I started to remember the last time I came with Renata, the street we took to get back to the station. While I was staring at a main street like a lost puppy, the business grade guy saw me “Hey!” -he screamed at me while walking towards me- “Where’s everyone?” I was like, “… I thought they were with you..” -he smiled and respond- “Oh f*ck we’re lost” (He was left behind too!!). I started laughing and said -“Well at least now I feel more relaxed, I’m not lost alone, aaaaand I HAVE A MAP!!”- He sight, and he’s shoulders went down relaxed. We started to read the map trying to find out the name of the station, he remembered the the first station so with that in mind, he asked one of the locals who explained us the directions to get back. After almost an half and hour trip back to the hotel, I took a hot bath and went straight to bed.

Next morning I gave a mad face to the purser, “How can you possibly left me behind? What if I didn’t had a map? What if I couldn’t find the way back?” He said they came back to the exact same place which I thought so much because I used common sense of not moving from the exact spot where they left and they never came back. Obviously if something happens is not he’s responsibility persé, but it made so angry the fact that they just left. This is another reason I dislike big group activities, I mostly go out solo in layovers. It comes in a time during the trip that you don’t pay attention to details, you depend of someone else without even knowing it. Oh! and when someone from the group tells you “Oh, don’t grab a map, I have one!” GRAB ONE anyways. You never know, sometimes is a big city, other times is a small city and yet you don’t even know where you at, you get lost like me, and oops! You don’t have a map. You always have to depend on no one else but yourself. In conclusion, despite of the uncomfortable situation at the end, after all I did pretty much enjoy once again Prague.

I know is a little bit too long post, although I hope you’ve enjoyed my 2 layovers with different kind of experiences in Prague! I was really looking forward for this layover and it was totally worth it.


2 thoughts on “The City of a Hundred Spires

  1. Kirsy!!!
    Thank you very much for such kind words about me! I am very pleased that you enjoyed my city. Before I contacted you I was thinking how weird it was to offer you my company but I am so happy I did it. I will forever love your blog, it is such an inspiration! Thank you for being so open minded and honest about everything, you are a sweetheart. Hope you had a wonderful time in Puerto Rico and I cannot wait to meet you again in Dubai as I promised. 😊


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