Amazing Phuket

Hello everyone! I would like first to apologize for the lack of post, as I promised I was going to even write about my first leave back at home but unfortunately some situations came by and I was unable to write often as I was doing. I promise to keep you update of what’s going to happen now in my new journey, yes, I might leave my wonderful ‘Emirates’ experience soon. Some details will be posted very shortly, for now let’s enjoy my Phuket gallery!


My very last layover in which I bid for it and got it twice, was Phuket. I was indeed very excited to work this flight, although I was pretty down and sad. Phuket flight was right after my first leave, therefore I was (or I think I was) a little depressed of leaving home, again. I thought of resigning, I started to search for a new job, I was constantly crying over night. I asked a friend who’s been working for Emirates some years as Cabin Crew Supervisor “When this feeling will go away?” he replied- “It would never go away..” I decided to put a side the ‘feelings’ and just work and enjoy my job on these following layovers. Phuket helped me a lot, the resort was delightful, the food was amazing and the crew on both flights were nice and fun.

On my first trip to Phuket, a group of crew scheduled a tour to some of the islands. We stayed at The Westin Siray Bay Resort and Spa, a very delightful resort. Phuket layover is nice for crew to party (Thailand is very fun at night) or to visit some of the islands by tour, or if you’re very tired or just want to relax, the resort is perfect to relax by the 3 amazing pools, the view is beautiful and the rooms are so comfortable. It’s like a mini vacations while you’re off work -on work-. The boat trip took us to Khai island, Pih Leh and Maya Bay. My favorite island was definitely Maya Bay.

Maya Bay________________

Maya Bay is a stunningly beautiful bay that’s sheltered by 100-meters high cliffs on three sides. Inside the bay there are several beaches, most are small and some only exist at low tide. The main one is around 200 meters long with silky soft white sand, underwater colorful coral and exotic fish in exceptionally clear water; the whole bay is one big reef.

Maya Bay has become the main tourist attraction of Phi Phi since The Beach was filmed here in 1999. It was always very popular before the film but now people around the world who haven’t even heard of Phi Phi have certainly heard of Maya Bay.

The water is as you can in the photos, crystal blue. You can comfortably swim and the sand is white and soft as baby skin. I can assure

I so love this island, just beautiful!

me in maya bay

We also did snorkeling which I totally recommend it!

Phi Phi Don_______________

After Maya Bay we visit Pih Leh island and later went to Phi Phi Don to have lunch. The food was quite nice, and the island was beautiful as well. I even managed to take some photos at beach…

Khai Island_______________

After having lunch we went then to Khai Island. Khai island, I personally didn’t like it. It’s more about personal taste though, it does have a beautiful view, however I like beaches when I can actually swim and relax on the sand. Khai island is more about snorkeling, the beach is a bit rocky and not so relax to even sit on shore. The view was nice though.

I hope you all enjoyed my lovely layover, once more I apologized my lack of post.  As I said before, I will let you all know with details my next phase.

Happy Holidays!


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