The beginning of a new phase.

All started one week or so before my second leave. I  had some pre-menstrual symptoms two days before my Washington DC flight: Sore breasts and abdominal pain. I took some Advil Liquid Gels and rested the entire day before my long haul flight. I remember this flight as for it was an awful one. The Economy  SFS/Senior Cabin Crew (which now so-called “Cabin Supervisors”) was arrogant, no personality and no communication towards the crew, above that, it constantly felt like a harassment  from him in our duty time or any time in the flight, following us and giving us tasks when the flight was so light, which was a major factor on a ridiculous 15 hour flight. I made a friend with an American crew, we made ‘american jokes’ jokes that Eastern peeps wouldn’t understand… or even South Americans (sorry, no offense!). She used to replied “Oh, is a USA thang… nevermind you!” to crew that tried to peek-in in our conversations and jokes… at the end they never understood. She made this flight full of laughs, despite of our SFS though.

The flight suddenly became tiresome for me. The first service I couldn’t bare to give out the hot meals, I was so slow and felt double weight  when pushing the carts. The second service I just couldn’t do it. I was double ending with the American girl (which is pushing same cart and serving food with another crew), and I couldn’t stand the smell of the hot meals, it was disgusting. At some point I had to stop doing the service, I had a low-sugar scene. I started to sweat like hell, I had no energy to walk nor stand and dizziness. I sat at the L5 jumpseat (last door of the aircfrat, left side)  took off my jacket and wanted to puke. The girl grabbed some water for me and almost the oxygen bottle, I was so embarrassed. The SFS pulled me out of service and monitored me the next 2 hours. Everyone encouraged me to eat, I couldn’t, the meal was disgusting for me, the smell, everything. Suddenly I was falling asleep in the aft galley, my eyes were red, and wanting a bed so bad until I heard “Kirsy, is your break time, get some rest”. I ran quickly upstairs to the CRC and slept, slept like a baby. They woke me up 4 hours later, I was feeling better and went off downstairs for the last and final service of the flight. The smell of the food came back attacking me! I wanted to vomit! I had to pause, stop, proceed, pause, stop…proceed, and so on.

Finally, we landed and the shift was over. The  Hotel agent remembered me and welcomed me once again “How are you? And How’s living without bacon and Walmart so far?” -He said with a smile- “I just like the traveling part, and the money…” I replied laughing. Then, I took a nice warm shower and had breakfast with the crew. Furthermore, we planned to go out to the city, it was like my 4th time in DC, my interview was even in DC! But I don’t like to stay in the Hotel so I went and see once again the points of interests; White House, Lincoln Memorial, United States Capitol, Washington Memorial, Vietnam’s Veterans Memorial… and so on. When we were walking I felt so tired and the USA girl (Not mentioning her name) helped me walking the entire trip.  We sat down at the Lincoln Memorial and while the other girls went to take photos, she asked me if I had my period. I respond normally “No” as for I’m irregular, therefore I can be ‘free’ of period for a month or two. She then advised me to take a pregnant test “I had same symptoms when I got pregnant…” -She explain me- “I mean, you are tired,  not tolerant to some smells, nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness… c’mon Kirsy, You are pregnant!” I laugh and denied it.

At the end of the trip she went to Walmart and I was so exhausted that I decided to go back to the hotel. I took a shower and went to the hotel restaurant. I order BBQ ribs with mashed potatoes and a nice cold beer, Corona, my favorite. I called my boyfriend through Facetime while eating. Full of joy enjoying my meal while mentioning him my horrible flight and health, suddenly I felt to throw up. I couldn’t finish my delicious plate, I asked for the check covering my mouth, I signed and went running to my room. I puke. I puke hard. “It might be a virus…” said my boyfriend while I was sitting on the floor holding the toilet.  It was that time, for the first time ever I thought: ‘I think I might have an intruder inside of me!’. The whole flight back I was thinking of it, What if? What to do? I want to keep traveling… OH MY GOD this is illegal in the UAE! and so on…

The first thing I did when I landed was to go the pharmacy next to my apartment and bought 2 pregnancy tests. I remember I peed and forgot to use it, then I didn’t had more pee so I had to wait until I had more pee to pee (please don’t laugh). I drank lots of water and went off for a nap. I woke up hours later, used the test and minutes later… POSITIVE. NO. NO. I didn’t pee everything  just in case haha! So I went back and took another test. POSITIVE. I-AM-SO-PREGO! Those “pre-menstrual” symptoms were actually pregnant symptoms.  For some reason, I smiled…and later cried of joy. Then I got nervous from not knowing what to do… I called my mom and she went happy, I told her I didn’t knew what to do and that I’m not prepared to be a mother. She went straight forward “You’ve traveled, you have a BA degree,  you’ve always worked, you have a family and a responsible boyfriend, plus you are 28 years old, you’re not a high school sixteen and pregnant for God sake…” My mother was right, as always. She hang up so I could called my boyfriend and tell him the news. I sent him a photo of the pregnancy test showing positive and he went silence. “Let me think, I call you back” he responded after a minute of silence and hanged up. Two days later I had one more flight and then, finally my 24 days of leave.

Summing up, once I arrived in Puerto Rico, my boyfriend was refusing to talk about it until our appointment with the doctor. I was so mad at him. He explained me that he still have no plan regarding our future with a unexpected baby and he was nervous. It wasn’t till our first appointment, our first sonogram. It was like a little peanut moving and moving non-stop “You have 10 and a half weeks of pregnancy” said the Doctor smiling at me. Edward’s face (my boyfriend) was amazed, he didn’t glimpsed, just went silenced looking at the sonogram. When we got out of that office, my boyfriend said; We get married, you move back here to Puerto Rico and I can sort things out with my job, we can always keep traveling, we can have this baby. After 2 months of my first leave and 1 year of working for Emirates, I decided to put my journey to an end -or- for now-.  I was already thinking for another whole year for more experience, one year is never enough. However, my life made a twist and all my plans changed. So then, I decided to resign.

“Plans never work out the way you think they’re going to. Specially with babies, you try and try to get pregnant…you can’t. And then the baby comes when you least expected, probably because you didn’t planned it.”

I’m so thrilled to embark this new journey as a mommy. I have so many experiences and stories for this little creature to share with. Some people say life ends when it comes of having children, I say it’s just the beginning of life; it’s a new phase. I will keep traveling and enjoying life, you can’t say the opposite from a flight attendant mommy and a daddy pilot 😉 .



18 thoughts on “The beginning of a new phase.

  1. Kirsy, congrats. This is huge, actually nothing can compare to this. Enjoy it till it lasts. Every single moment. My daughters are now 15 and 17, they dont want me to treat them as children anymore…., but they always be my princesses.
    Life changes and brings new ggodd things. I need to believe into this, as I am too facing huge changes.
    All the best…

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  2. Since I started to prepare my interview for emirates, I found you blog. Mailny, that post in which you were telling that you have a boyfriend and you were still with him. I straightly sended the link to my boyfriend to tell him: “Look! It is possible!”. And now you are pregnant and happily married 🙂
    You have been an inspiration for me. When I read that you are thinking about resigning, I just kept entering into your blog every two days to check what was happening. Till I saw your instagram. Congratulations. I love your blog, I love your photos, and your passion for this, which is the same as mine.
    I just wanted to tell this to you. I will miss your posts. Good luck with this new phase in your life, which it will be amazing. A nw traveller will join you and your husband.
    All the best, from a new flyer 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words. I wanted to be an inspiration for all future cabin crews and their relationship as well, at least my blog captured so many readers and loved my message , makes me feel completed!
      -When there is love, there is Life- I will miss so much my blog in which I dedicated with passion for a whole year, sadly since it’s a cabin crew/travel blog, I would not post that often until I’ll start traveling again.
      My mission is to keep doing what I love, this time with a little one.

      Again, thank you so much for visiting my blog and making it so inspirational. I would have love to be one more year, but life brings amazing surprises 🙂



  3. Dear kirsy,
    I dont know if u remember me, we flown together in may 2015.. we went to jakarta.. there was also a mexican captain.. I found ur blog today and when I recognized u I thought..oh,wow I know this girl.. so what can I say? Congratulation dear.. and good luck for ur new adventure.. a big hug for u!!!!

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  4. Hi Kirsy! I recently had my final interview with Emirates for CSA position. Would know EK’s rules regarding scoliosis? I got rejected by other airlines because of my scoliosis, are they strict when it comes to that? Even though the csa job is not as heavy duty when it comes to responsibilities and csa’s do not do lifting or pushing carts, right?


  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy. You are an inspiration. I got invited to an assessment day in Cape Town this April. I would like to know if the tattoo on my ear would be a problem? It’s small (2cm). I’ve been invited last year as well but delayed it every time because of my tattoo. Keen to hear from you ☺

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    1. Hi Cece, I’m afraid that yes, even though is a small tattoo, it still visible.
      I remember one girl from my batch got sent back home because they noticed a tattoo on her neck. She didn’t declare it, she kept putting some makeup on until they noticed.

      Sorry for the late response, if you did assist, let me know how it go!



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