Casa Valencia: A Fresh Airbnb

Hello my lovely readers! Today I wanted to share my first experience staying in Airbnb, yes, my first. I’m more of a ‘Hotel person’ for the reason that I like having breakfast buffets, in-room service, bed made everyday and stuff like that. But when it comes to short stays or even one night stay like my husband and I do when we go on road trips, some hotels were not meeting our expectations. Sometimes we wanted a kitchen or something more than just a bedroom. Therefore, we decided to experience staying on a Airbnb and see if it’s worth it on short getaways. The prices vary, although, some of Airbnb’s are quite the same price range of hotels and others resulting a bit overprice, renting a home (Airbnb) might be the right choice for you. It all depends of what you are looking for and what kind of amenities are most important to you. Most of hotels in Puerto Rico are quite expensive, we rented this studio apartment for one night: $129.07 (taxes and fees included).

For all of those that don’t know what Airbnb is:

 Airbnb is an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations.

If you’re traveling to Puerto Rico soon or you have it in your list, make sure to visit Rincón, which is a town in the west coast of the island where we -surprise, surprise!- we stayed. Very touristic, full of surfers and beautiful beaches where the best sunsets of Puerto Rico lies. We stayed at Casa Valencia room #8, that in fact I’m giving my review and insight of this nice Airbnb located in Rincón, Puerto Rico.


Suite #8 is a comfortable studio apartment with a queen size bed, has a small kitchen with gas stove top, refrigerator and microwave, A/C, Wi-Fi and a nice small, yet nicely decorated bathroom. Decoration of the room itself was warm and welcoming. It also has a pool with heater, BBQ and a lovely country side view of Rincón. Room was clean and met our needs; all coteries were clean, we were also provided with extra regular towels and pool towels. Our room shower heater however, it was something that it lacked. I think is nice to take a nice warm shower after a pool/beach day, I mean it wasn’t that cold, more like temperature water but still, you want warm water or at least we did.

In addition, it also has iron, Laundry and full quick response from the owner. At first we were provided with wrong room information, we called and texted the owner and he called us back in seconds. Overall, it was a nice stay, the building has other suites, some with more rooms/beds, others with a nice living room and some others had balcony. This place is suitable for family and couples as well.




Casa Valencia’s entrance door

Location I think is perfect, perfect for locals and tourists. Casa Valencia is in Puntas Hillside (Rincón, PR) just minutes away from town center and 5 mins away from Sandy Beach. There’s other beaches you can visit not too far from Rincón, Crash Boat is one of them in Aguadilla town. There’s actually a lot of things you can do and enjoy the west coast, from sightseeing, surfing and family beaches, delicious local restaurants, fun bars, street shop for fresh fruits to amazing sunset views. Thus, this Airbnb has a delightful environment and location to stay and enjoy the west coast of Puerto Rico.




My baby by the pool

Water is warm which is great! It’s indeed a small pool but relaxing with a lovely view.


Getting breakfast ready

Our main goal for this trip was to relax and stay at the pool, then on the check-out day, we planned to stay the entire day at the beach. It all went like we coordinated. We arrived afternoon and went straight to the pool, my little one loves water so he was really excited when he saw the pool. The area had pool chairs and also a table with chairs to seat and eat. We brought our food, had supper and stayed at the pool until our son decided that was enough -8:00pm- yup.

Next morning I prepared breakfast and went to the pool -again- with my little Abraham until check-out time 12:00pm which I consider a flexible time since you have extra time to enjoy the place and pool. Later, we went to the beach and left after sunset. 🙂

I’m sure there’s some nightmares and horrible stories from Airbnb’s, I’m pretty happy that all went well and planned as I imagined. If you’re looking for a Airbnb in Puerto Rico (Rincón) area, check out Casa Valencia and their variety of suites to choose from, and of course, enjoy our island!

My Family


3 thoughts on “Casa Valencia: A Fresh Airbnb

  1. Beautiful photos! I’m glad you had a good time. Air BnB can be amazing, I have had some awesome stays places around the world in them. I have also had some not great experiences with them as well, but such is life. Great post

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    1. Yes indeed! I’ve read horrible stories! I was open (and nervous) to any bad or good experience, thankfully 😅 all went great! Now I’m looking forward to have another stay but with another concept; maybe a tree house, a country house etc and see how it goes!☺️

      Thank you for passing by and for commenting!♥️

      Liked by 1 person

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