Skydive Dubai Experience

Skydiving was always, always, ALWAYS in my bucket list. While living in the Middle East I got even more obsessed of Skydiving but completing it in of course, Dubai.  For some reasons -money, time off, always tired, etc- couldn’t make it while I was living there. Thus some people have asked me ‘Why I didn’t do it by THAT time? and Why NOW?” well, I did made it now, 3 years later, as a mom and traveling solo. And you know what? IT FELT AWESOME.

I chose Dubai over Las Vegas, Orlando, and over my island which is even is more cheaper, for the simple reason that non of them were going to give me the same satisfaction. It’s not just about jumping in parachute, is about the whole experience. The experience of doing it in a complete different country, jumping on a higher altitude, providing photos and videos for memories to keep, and hello! THE VIEW!  You will see all Dubai under your feet, it’s just breathtaking.

As soon as you jump out of the plane, you will be treated with spectacular bird’s eye views of the artificial archipelago known as Palm Jumeirah, seconds will pass slowly,  the instructor will fly you in circles and do other stunts, all this while they’re recording you! After the instructor deploys the parachute, he will do some other stunts with the parachute and later enjoy the spectacular view of Dubai.


Recording me moment, inside building, Skydive Dubai.

Once I entered, they validated my booking order (which I did it online) and measured my weight and height. I was then asked to pay the remaining amount and was given a waiver to sign. After a couple of minutes my name was called.

My instructor was from Spain, when he asked me where I was from -due to of my last name- he smiled and started to talk to me in Spanish. He puts me the harness, gave me basic instructions of how to jump and land.

“Do not jump, I will make the jump. Have your head laid back on my shoulder and your arms holding your shoulders straps while exiting from the plane. Don’t open your arms until three taps on your shoulder, then you open up and enjoy the ride. Ready to jump 14,000 ft, Kirsy?” -He asked.

He’s voice was a combination of energetic and normal, “I’m Ready man!”- I responded very excited while slapping hands with him. They recorded introducing me and asking how I was feeling. Later they told me to wait a couple of minutes as the plane was being refueled.


Me and my instructor ready to board.

“Kirsy! Let’s jump!”-My instructor called me. He checked once again my harness and instructions were understood. They took us in a golf cart to the runway. The plane was already there and I was the last person to get into it. Meaning I was the first one jumping out!


Inside the plane

The plane can hold a maximum of 20 people. The plane had benches on either side. All the instructors and videographers had an altimeter on their wrists to determine the altitude. We buckled our seat belts and the plane took off. It was my first time I was actually focused of the hight. “Afraid of planes?” he asks “Nah, I love them. But I’ve never jumped from one”- I replied excited. “Well, get ready! We’re almost there!” -He says to me smiling.

When we reached 14,000 feet everyone started to get prepared, we all sat on our instructor lap, my instructor checked once more my harness and buckles it tighter to his, also gave me googles. I can’t explain what it’s like to hear the door open for the first time and feel the rush of cold wind entering the cabin, I felt excited and at the same time so nervous.


The moment I thought… WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?!

Standing in edge at 14,000 feet looking down the aircraft as my instructor was getting ready with me, that was the moment I thought “What the hell am I doing? I’m so crazy!” There wasn’t a ‘1..2..3 count’, he didn’t ask or say anything, nada, he just jumped. WHOAAA!

I felt butterflies, shiver all around my body, my stomach squeezed so tightly, I tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t until a couple of seconds my body got used to the sensation of falling. The instructor tapped me on my shoulder and I stretched my arms. For me, this was the best part, the adrenaline, this 5-6 seconds were the best!

It’s very loud, the speed of the air makes it very noisy and you can’t really see anything at this time, just enjoying the moment you’ll feel like time freezes, falling so slowly, like floating in the sky. As a first timer, it felt a little difficult to breathe, in a moment I was about to feel claustrophobic but what it helped me was to concentrate and relax, I achieved this by breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth (leaving my mouth open) I screamed several times and that for some reason helped me breathe. Throat got dry -very dry- so it gets thirsty up there too.


The Palm View

This is by far one of the best experiences in my life so far (spending time with a cheetah in Johannesburg also my favorite). I’ve completed one of my dreams of not just doing skydiving, but completing it in Dubai.

What an amazing photo to keep!



Deploying the parachute ( Can you spot the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa? :D)

Long glorious minutes you spend in the air, enjoying the spectacular view while descending…


If you are adventurous like me and you’re visiting DubaiI, I truly recommend doing skydiving or add it to your bucket list with Skydive Dubai, they use up to date equipment, they’re really safe and you’re jumping with professionals. The full price comes with photos and the video, all saved in a memory stick for you to keep, 30 minutes worth it. I paid $490 which I think is not too expensive at all. Sometimes they have discounts, they have two locations in Dubai: Palm Jumeirah Island (the one I paid) and Desert Campus (little cheaper but I’ll still go with Jumeirah) although, the desert campus is open from September to May, Palm location is open year around. Learn more about skydiving at Skydive Dubai!

Hope you enjoyed the photos and inspired you to try it someday as well!


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