After working as cabin crew for a major Middle Eastern Airlines and living in Dubai, decided to resign, got married and had a handsome baby boy. Although my lifestyle is not quite the same, aviation is always in my daily life. I find Inspiration in nature, culture and people. Photography is one way to express my emotions and memories.

Continuing with travel and adding a baby aboard will inspire all those mommies out there to keep enjoying life but with a new taste of lifestyle. This blog is destination for all things related to mommy travels, road trips, places and pieces of me.

Hope you enjoy my ‘come back’ writing and my new experiences I will share along the way.



8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, thank you for posting about your experiences, I enjoy following them! I am an emirates hopeful and I have all my resume, cover letter and everything ready to submit online, but I’m having difficulty finding who to address in my cover letter, do you know the address of the recruitment office and the recruitment officer whom I would address?? If you could help me that’d be so great! Thank you!! 🙂


  2. Hola Kirsy ! Oye si tienes un segundito. Estamos buscando crew bloggers para un proyecto re bueno llegando solo pa los crews ! Avisame si tienes un seguntido para practicar !


  3. Hi Kirsy! I would like to ask you some questions. nope, it’s not related to EK hiring or something like that. I already work for them and have some problem. I saw you comented one post on another website with a good advice and I’d like to ask you more. thank you I very appreciate it!


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