My heart in Africa

One of my latest trip was to Uganda, Africa. We stayed at this nice Speke Hotel, more like a resort type, with two big pools and beautiful nature view fulled of monkeys jumping around every tree and on the bright green grass, indeed was a very relaxed layover. Most of the crew joined for dinner including flight crew, in fact that’s all we did.  Uganda is very poor and people are very nice, humble and caring. Just crossing the streets you’ll find men working and caring woods, children coming back from school with no shoes, woman caring fruits and laundry on their heads, etc. It’s a place that makes you meditate of how grateful we have to be, how generous this people are and how ungrateful we are in life. How blessed I am to have the kind of parents I have, the life they gave me and the life I’m having. So many crew take all the layovers as a fancy, luxurious hotel with fancy cocktails and wonderful sightseeing, well not all of them are like that. Some can be handy for reflect, relax or just by enjoying the hotel, and the hotel doesn’t have to be a fancy 5 star hotel. In my case was like that. I enjoyed Uganda, I got to see the real Africa and it was something that took my heart away.  These are some pics of my trip, hope you enjoy them;





Daily Life:


On our last day we stopped at a local street market and bought a lot of fresh fruits: 


Hope you enjoyed my gallery,