Emirates Graduation

Before posting my next adventures, I would like to announce that I’m officially an Emirates girl.

photo 3

Yesterday was a long day starting from 8:30 am. First they take photos of each batch then they divide us in groups (of each batch) in which a leader from induction specialist group will have a chat with us. They ask us questions of how is flying, any situation on board and how we deal with it, what do we think of our leaders and how we keep motivated every single day. Each of us shared our opinions and experiences. Second, they weight us (I didn’t gain weight by the way ūüôā )and they do an “Image and Uniform check” which they verify our image and grooming, nails, hair, uniform ironed etc. ¬†In addition, our¬†Cabin Crew managers came and did a chat and congratulated us as well.

photo 5Finally, at 2:30pm the Graduation Ceremony commence. My family wanted to come but since is Ramadan, everything is closed, no alcohol plus is too hot. It would be the first time for them in Dubai and if they come from Puerto Rico, they’ll stay at least for about 1 week and so, it’s not fair for them. I really want to enjoy Dubai with them, this time is not the right time for vacationing in Dubai. Therefore, I told them very sad to not come. My boyfriend¬†was fulled of work and university and couldn’t come either.

All the guests arrived and I was waiting for the lobby for us to enter the auditorium. Suddenly glimpse at the entrace of the lobby, and on my friends was there standing. I was so happy! I jumped and gave him a big hug! Since he knew nobody from my family came, he wanted to support me and gave me a surprise! It was really nice from him because at one point I was feeling sad. I saw everyone with they parents and boyfriends..I was..just there. I wish my parents would had been there with me or my boyfriend. This friend of mine took me photos and videos which I happily send them to my family and they were so happy because they thought they wouldn’t see pictures nor photos since I was alone.

At the ceremony they called us by our names and in a big screen it¬†showed our flags and names as well. We shake hands with our manager and take our certificates, which is folded as a Diploma from university, very cute. After the ceremony they had for us cakes, sandwiches, tea, coffee and a selection of juices. I really liked the ceremony, it felt like I was graduating from College again, very organized and pretty. This is the second time I graduated from a Aviation college and I ¬†must say, this one felt very special. After 2 months of training and 6 months overall of probation I finally Graduated and now I’m officially an Emirates Cabin Crew. I’m so proud of myself of getting this far and for working in such an world class airline.

The sky is the limit, but for some…the sky is our home!


Fun Flight to Mumbai


The weather was not so good because of the sandstorm but Emirates continues flying even if the sky is falling down. After the briefing which even the pilots weren’t in that much of a good mood -and is understandable- we arrived at the aircraft and prepare it for the customers.

Flight to Mumbai was ready. Customers boarded, seated, hot towels were given, limen juices were given, and suddenly.. Continue reading “Fun Flight to Mumbai”

First Roster!


As you all might¬†know I’m main fleet, that is I only fly with B777, A330 and A340. As for main fleet we most likely get more turnarounds than layovers.

Turns= An aircraft terminating a flight and subsequently originating another flight following a complete change of load.

Layover= A period of rest (minimum 24hrs) in the destination.

My schedule will be the following:

  • Doha, Qatar (turn)
  • Mumbai, India (turn)

and 8 days flying to:

  • Bangkok, Thailand (24hrs layover)
  • Sydney, Australia (24hrs layover)
  • Christchurch, New Zealand (turn to Sydney again)
  • Sydney, Australia (48 hrs layover)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (24hrs layover)

People say to me that i’m actually lucky to have the 8 days trip since i’m main fleet. I already did my Doha Flight, too short indeed! I felt lost and useless. By the time I started helping setting the carts, my colleagues had already finished preparing it. The purser was from Spain, so we even had a little chat before the flight in Spanish and even told me she have never met a Puerto Rican working for Emirates before. Fun fact, there’s only 2 cabin crew from Puerto Rico, including me. The crew was fine, only one SFS did not like the fact I was completely new in a turn flight. “Nobody likes to be asked…this flight is too short for a Supi flight” this¬†is when caring should be¬†mandatory. We started from the beginning, and I know sometimes is annoying, but¬†always help your colleagues, make them feel comfortable. I don’t even get how these kind of people have been working for so long in this industry and not had developed patience…yet.

Anyhow, had a blast with the flight crew. I seated in the flight deck for take off and landing and chat with them. They brief me and explain me the actions of the buttons, maps and directions. First time that I got to see the whole process and I loved it. The way of conducting the service is way different than in training. In reality is communicating¬†short words with customers, and work fast, fast, fast. Let’s see how Mumbai will be..they say is not a so easy one though.

For now, I can’t really say that I like my job, still. Maybe after I month of taste I might know if I either like or not. Let’s just hope for the best. By the way, that’s me in the photos (: and of course with my flag representing my island, Puerto Rico.

Expectations…and Reality.

Training is tough and stressful, and SEP was the toughest one. In SEP it’s all about aircrafts and basic aeronautics, diagrams, emergencies procedures, assessments and home based assignments everyday plus computer tests with 50 questions. The best part of SEP is actually the last day of the course. We¬†get to jump and slide through the raft, and use the PBE (Portable Breathing equipment).


GMT (Group Medical Training) you’ll learn how to do CPR, deliver babies, how to use basic medical equipment, sign diseases, etc. By this time the whole batch is more close and more like a family. After GMT comes Safety/Security, that section was fun though.¬†They teach¬†you how to defend yourself and how to restrain customers, there’s a short section when they teach the different types of guns and bombs. Also a full section of restraining and defending practice with your colleagues! And finally comes then the Service course.

Now, I want to share this¬†coming up experience with you so you’ll learn that not all is ‘peaches and cream’. For some it’s easy, for others…not that easy.¬† In SEP phase¬†3 colleagues did not make the cut and they were send to another batch with 1 and 2 weeks behind. Myself had to repeat the first SEP test because I was so nervous I couldn’t even read and my mind¬†got blanked!¬†¬†On the door assessments some had to repeated the next morning and so on… Now¬†bear with me, the last and final course which is Service¬†were 12 days of training. We had 2 computer tests,¬†1 written, 2 assessments and 3 practical tests.¬† I was struggling with the bar service. Yes, I know, pathetic. Probably because I don’t drink that much…or nothing at all!¬†(just Corona haha!)¬†It¬†did¬†felt¬†difficult for me, like knowing the mixers and stuff. Plus I got to nervous practicing in the simulator and went too shy. My first 2 practical exams were horrible but then in my last and third exam I did better, or I thought I did. We finished the test and the instructors congratulated us for¬†completing the final stage and becoming cabin crews. The next morning we arrived at college to received our licenses and having some fly preparations orientations. But, the instructors had this wonderful idea of giving me the news that same last day to notify me that I did not meet the competencies to complete the service course. ¬†I was so disappointed of me and¬†the way¬†they decided¬†to fail me in last-minute.¬†Who fails service? Just the 1% , I am that 1% my loves. I’ve been moved to another batch and started again the service course¬†for the next 2 weeks while my friends are already flying. It’s sad and frustrating but I¬†tried it again and whala!¬†. The first 3 days to be honest I was¬†upset, later on I just began to demonstrate myself that I have the knowledge and skills for this job, I mean, that is why they selected me, right? I helped my colleges, I went as galley operator, I did very good in the bar service and my profile was perfect! Even my instructors said to me “I don’t know why you failed, you know this and you’re great!”. Well, I wasn’t that confident in the beginning and I didn’t believe in myself. I just got frustrated thinking I wasn’t able to make it rather than just focus and work it out.

Finally, I passed and now is to work¬†and have fun.¬†Prepare always for the worst and try to be motivated always, sometimes we expect the best but we might have some bad experience and it’s up to you to either work it out or give up.¬†I would love to¬†start blogging again more often, it has been very stressful with no spare time to write. In the meantime, ¬†please do enjoy the photos!

See you in the skies!





After Dubai

Terminal 2

December 11th came and I was covered with tears. That same week I dedicated completely to my family. Like I said before, I’m family oriented and attached to my family, so this decision even though is an awesome one, it was a hard one for me too. ¬†I left everything, my home, my parents, my pets and my boyfriend. I moved to literally the other side of the world to a country I’ve never been before and alone. From the moment my family drop me off the airport I was crying..like a river! I hold on to my boyfriend and even asked him if I was doing the correct thing, he almost punched me in my face though. I hugged my parents and my two brothers for so long…it looked like I was about to die or leave for ever! It was indeed a bittersweet day. My aunt who works for jetBlue Airways checked me in, and even came with me inside the aircraft. My boyfriend since he also works for jetBlue managed to enter with me through security. Everybody boarded and I was the only one to enter the aircraft, still hugging my boyfriend… Continue reading “After Dubai”

Dubai countdown

Cabin Crew Header

After you passed the medical tests and final approval you have at least one month to pack for¬†your relocation. So you will have some busy days (especially the last ones) buying some basic items that it’s required for training such as: black closed shoes with no high heels, some black trousers, stockings, among others. Not to mention your personal shopping and doing a list of items for like 5 times, re-checking it over 10 times and adding more stuff to the list! In addition of all quality time you want to spend with your loved ones. While you’re in that process of preparations, you’re also waiting for your e-ticket and Visa. Both are uploaded to your web portal.

Today, I woke up too early for no reason and had coffee with my mother. While having our¬†delicious¬†Puerto Rican coffee “caf√© cola’o” I decided to check any Emirates emails. My¬†date for departure is very soon indeed, yet I haven’t received information regarding my flight nor my Visa. I was a little bit concerned..until Continue reading “Dubai countdown”