Budapest, Hungary ūüíö


Every time I think about Budapest I feel disappointed from¬†the¬†decision that I made on my layover. I never take walking tours, but when I do, I choose the worst one to mess up all my plans. ¬†We arrived at 2pm at the hotel, late enough for the bus tours which all the crew that I met in the past have recommended¬†me to booked¬†it. Unfortunately, It was too late for these tours. Since it was my second week working 3 to 4 flights back to back with only one day off, I was so tired and¬†also with jetlag to walk around to all the places that I wanted to visit alone. I mostly take a map and go solo. If I like the plan of the crew I’ll join, if not, then alone it ¬†is. In this case one of the crew invited me to go with her for a ¬†walking tour from a gentleman that offers tours for Emirates crew, so I thought..okay I guess (let me try it since I’m exhausted¬†to navigate¬†alone). I changed and meet up at the lobby. We were staying in the city, so we just walked¬†more into it with a little bit of history and its beautiful architecture. I like tours that they say less history words and explanations, Why? Because I’m not in vacations. I’m there for only a day and a half or two, so I need to experienced the food, the light, sunset, the people, the views, everything. I love to take photos, and standing 5 to 7 mins in the same area talking and talking… It makes me anxious. This is why I prefer going solo with a map, except this time though! Which I don’t know what I was thinking of! I missed the Buda Castle which it was crossing the bridge near my hotel, the church, the liberty statue, the palace, a thermal bath etc. There’s a lot of things to do in Budapest and I know one day is not enough but I was hoping to at least visit the Buda Castle. The walking tour just gets you inside the city and its history, also by the Opera and Chain Bridge. I enjoyed yes, but crossing the bridge were all the sightseeing. I arrived late and tired of walking so I wasn’t able to continue alone. Although, I still recommend¬†Budapest. It is a beautiful city, amazing architecture, food is delicious, many places to go and things to do, and best of all…is not expensive! This is what I did:


Around the city!:


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The Swiss Alpes in Z√ľrich, Switzerland.


Switzerland, another one checked from my bucket list. I was pretty lucky to have this flight at the last moment in my roster and for my luck, the crew was awesome as well. We arrived at 8:00pm at the hotel and we arranged to meet up at the lounge to organize what we were going to do in the morning. While we were chatting and sharing ideas, we ordered a Swiss Burger along with a local beer.¬†I was so excited, I mean, I’ve always wanted to eat a Swiss burger, that I even asked the waitress impatiently “Is it really the burger from the Swiss cow? Local cow? The big cows?” She laugh and said “Yes, not¬†imported. All meat is from our local Swiss cows.” The burger was juicy, thick and big. Totally what I was expecting. After eating our juicy delicious burger, we finally agreed to rent a car and drive to the Swiss Alps which was an hour and half of trip. We met at 8am next day, ate some quick breakfast and left, we were like 7 of us. This was a great and one of a life time crew opportunity, I’m not exaggerating. Most crew don’t even do anything and they see renting a car like a big deal. Fortunately, we all wanted to see the alps and have a wonderful road trip experience in beautiful Switzerland.

IMG_8824We passed the city which had some classic old architecture, the view of the farms, nature, green everywhere, the amazing mountains…the road trip was beautiful indeed. I totally recommend it, you will enjoy the amazing views and good sightseeing spots to take photos. After an hour or so, we arrived at Rigis Swiss Alps. A breathtaking panoramic view across the Alps along with one of the oldest mountain railways, enjoyed the surroundings of 3 different water bodies. It has well signposted hiking trails, perfect for walks and mountain hikes. The flora view is amazing, mountains, lakes etc. It will really delight you. This is also located at the central of Switzerland. The whole area offers hotels, restaurants, souvenirs shops, hiking in summer and skiing in the winter!¬†We didn’t hike, we took the rack railway, recommended as well. You’ll enjoy the view.

These photos were on our way to Rigis: 

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9 Emirates steps before take-off

Ever wondered¬†what flight attendants do even before passengers embark the aircraft? Well, I’m pretty sure most people might think we just wait for the passengers, smile while they’re boarding, and do the take-off announcement. Pretty easy right? but is not really just smiling and doing a catwalk down the aisle. We have certain responsibilities that we need to do¬†before boarding our passengers. Almost all of the duties are safety-related, though customer service is also important. ¬†Also, all tasks are divided. The purser which is the person in command of the flight has its own tasks, the seniors which are divided in classes (Business/First class and Economy) have their own tasks, the rest of regular cabin crew have their own duties and finally the flight deck crew (Pilots) of course, they have their own duties as well. This all before passengers board and after. By the way, Cabin Crew must arrived at the airport 2 hours before the flight, and 3 for the seniors.¬†Of course if I Continue reading “9 Emirates steps before take-off”

Amazing Vienna, Austria

I loved this layover, honestly is one of the best and most beautiful cities I’ve visited so far. Vienna is an artistic city and most known of its beautiful Imperial palaces and museums. The first thing I did is to visit the Belvedere¬†palace.¬†The palace consists of two Baroque palaces, the Orangery, and the Palace Stabless in the country, also has this beautiful garden with maze. It is a must!

Here’s some photos of the beautiful Belvedere¬†Palace and its garden view:

Beautiful artistic Belvedere palace:

Sneek peek Belvedere Palace from inside:

Also visited the Russian Liberation Monument:

Some photos across the beautiful city. You just enjoy walking through these beautiful architectures:

IMG_6440After we finished walking we decided to eat in a restaurant and while eating we¬†remembered we didn’t get to see the cathedral! So since it’s walking distance from our hotel, we ate pretty fast and went straight to St. Stephens Cathedral. I’m so sad I didn’t get to see this beauty during the day, I didn’t have the tripod so it was a little uncomfortable to take pictures also. I also visited inside the cathedral, it is beautiful, the structures, the architecture, everything! If you ever go to Vienna, please go to St. Stephens Cathedral, I promise you won’t regret it!

Here’s some pictures of St.Stephens Cathedral:

After a whole day of walking and enjoying Vienna, of course everything comes to an end..Hopefully I’ll come and visit this beautiful city again.




My heart in Africa

One of my latest trip was to Uganda, Africa. We stayed at this nice Speke Hotel, more like a resort type, with two big pools and beautiful nature view fulled of monkeys jumping around every tree and on the bright green grass, indeed was a very relaxed layover. Most of the crew joined for dinner including flight crew, in fact that’s all we did. ¬†Uganda is very poor and people are very nice, humble and caring. Just crossing the streets you’ll find men working and caring woods, children coming back from school with no shoes, woman caring fruits and laundry on their heads, etc. It’s a place that makes you meditate of how grateful we have to be, how generous this people are and how ungrateful we are in life. How blessed I am to have the kind of parents I have, the life they gave me and the life I’m having. So many crew take all the layovers as a fancy, luxurious hotel with fancy cocktails and wonderful sightseeing, well not all of them are like that. Some can be handy for reflect, relax or just by enjoying the hotel, and the hotel doesn’t have to be a fancy 5 star hotel. In my case was like that. I enjoyed Uganda, I got to see the real Africa and it was something that took my heart away. ¬†These are some pics of my trip, hope you enjoy them;





Daily Life:


On our last day we stopped at a local street market and bought a lot of fresh fruits: 


Hope you enjoyed my gallery,