Skydive Dubai Experience II| VIDEO


Hello lovely readers/bloggers! On my last trip to Dubai, I made one of my dreams; Skydiving in Dubai! I made this trip on May 2018 and later decided to write about my experience and share it on my blog. My previous post has pictures and details of this awesome experience, today I wanted to share the full video from the moment I get into the airplane, to the moment I jump and land.

If you like to read a little bit more or just to scroll for more pictures about skydiving in Dubai, check out my previous post : Skydive Dubai.

-It still gives me goosebumps and a big smile!- Enjoy!



After Dubai

Terminal 2

December 11th came and I was covered with tears. That same week I dedicated completely to my family. Like I said before, I’m family oriented and attached to my family, so this decision even though is an awesome one, it was a hard one for me too.  I left everything, my home, my parents, my pets and my boyfriend. I moved to literally the other side of the world to a country I’ve never been before and alone. From the moment my family drop me off the airport I was a river! I hold on to my boyfriend and even asked him if I was doing the correct thing, he almost punched me in my face though. I hugged my parents and my two brothers for so long…it looked like I was about to die or leave for ever! It was indeed a bittersweet day. My aunt who works for jetBlue Airways checked me in, and even came with me inside the aircraft. My boyfriend since he also works for jetBlue managed to enter with me through security. Everybody boarded and I was the only one to enter the aircraft, still hugging my boyfriend… Continue reading “After Dubai”

The Golden Call


Last Night I was so desperate on getting my Golden Call that I couldn’t sleep, wondering when, WHEN I’ll receive that call!! My boyfriend arrived late from work at 2am and we started talking, eventually talking about Emirates UGH! “Why they don’t call me?” I asked my boyfriend and myself. I’ve known cases that the status maintains as “JFIP” for 2-3 months and they don’t call you ahhh!! I began to be paranoid and anxious so my boyfriend took away my phone put it on top of my night table and Continue reading “The Golden Call”

Joining Formalities

..and litle bit of my life status

After the final interview you noticed that applying for this job either you’ll learn how to be patient or simply/completely lose your mind! The waiting is horrible and you get obsessed by checking your application status every hour! Even though you know the working hours in Dubai, you constantly check your application! You just have that faith and curiosity of maybe, just maybe the status have changed.


The waiting is 4 weeks, you can either have the succesful Golden Call or be rejected at the end of the period time, although there’s been some cases when they’ve called people after the 4 weeks. But at this moment they’re going pretty fast, they’re doing interviews around the world, calling and scheduling for the joining process as well.

My final interview was Continue reading “Joining Formalities”

9 steps to success

In life we all have something to pursue, an objective and dreams to accomplish that makes us individual and special. Without goals and dreams life would be meaningless, It’s the reason we wake up each morning, pushing ourselves to succeed.

Continue reading “9 steps to success”