After Dubai

Terminal 2

December 11th came and I was covered with tears. That same week I dedicated completely to my family. Like I said before, I’m family oriented and attached to my family, so this decision even though is an awesome one, it was a hard one for me too.  I left everything, my home, my parents, my pets and my boyfriend. I moved to literally the other side of the world to a country I’ve never been before and alone. From the moment my family drop me off the airport I was a river! I hold on to my boyfriend and even asked him if I was doing the correct thing, he almost punched me in my face though. I hugged my parents and my two brothers for so long…it looked like I was about to die or leave for ever! It was indeed a bittersweet day. My aunt who works for jetBlue Airways checked me in, and even came with me inside the aircraft. My boyfriend since he also works for jetBlue managed to enter with me through security. Everybody boarded and I was the only one to enter the aircraft, still hugging my boyfriend… Continue reading “After Dubai”

Dubai countdown

Cabin Crew Header

After you passed the medical tests and final approval you have at least one month to pack for your relocation. So you will have some busy days (especially the last ones) buying some basic items that it’s required for training such as: black closed shoes with no high heels, some black trousers, stockings, among others. Not to mention your personal shopping and doing a list of items for like 5 times, re-checking it over 10 times and adding more stuff to the list! In addition of all quality time you want to spend with your loved ones. While you’re in that process of preparations, you’re also waiting for your e-ticket and Visa. Both are uploaded to your web portal.

Today, I woke up too early for no reason and had coffee with my mother. While having our delicious Puerto Rican coffee “café cola’o” I decided to check any Emirates emails. My date for departure is very soon indeed, yet I haven’t received information regarding my flight nor my Visa. I was a little bit concerned..until Continue reading “Dubai countdown”

Final approval of everything…

The Waiting is over and it’s confirmed, I passed my medical exams; I received my final approval 2 days ago and officially I’m moving to Dubai…and the countdown has begun.

Date of joining: December 11th

I have a lot of emotions inside of me, I’m happy and sad at the same time. I know I’m living the dream, a one lifetime experience job, living in Dubai, traveling to more than 140 destinations in over 70 countries across 6 continents with great benefits and privileges that a lot of people have tried  to accomplish so many times. Emirates receives over Continue reading “Final approval of everything…”