Emirates Graduation

Before posting my next adventures, I would like to announce that I’m officially an Emirates girl.

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Yesterday was a long day starting from 8:30 am. First they take photos of each batch then they divide us in groups (of each batch) in which a leader from induction specialist group will have a chat with us. They ask us questions of how is flying, any situation on board and how we deal with it, what do we think of our leaders and how we keep motivated every single day. Each of us shared our opinions and experiences. Second, they weight us (I didn’t gain weight by the way ūüôā )and they do an “Image and Uniform check” which they verify our image and grooming, nails, hair, uniform ironed etc. ¬†In addition, our¬†Cabin Crew managers came and did a chat and congratulated us as well.

photo 5Finally, at 2:30pm the Graduation Ceremony commence. My family wanted to come but since is Ramadan, everything is closed, no alcohol plus is too hot. It would be the first time for them in Dubai and if they come from Puerto Rico, they’ll stay at least for about 1 week and so, it’s not fair for them. I really want to enjoy Dubai with them, this time is not the right time for vacationing in Dubai. Therefore, I told them very sad to not come. My boyfriend¬†was fulled of work and university and couldn’t come either.

All the guests arrived and I was waiting for the lobby for us to enter the auditorium. Suddenly glimpse at the entrace of the lobby, and on my friends was there standing. I was so happy! I jumped and gave him a big hug! Since he knew nobody from my family came, he wanted to support me and gave me a surprise! It was really nice from him because at one point I was feeling sad. I saw everyone with they parents and boyfriends..I was..just there. I wish my parents would had been there with me or my boyfriend. This friend of mine took me photos and videos which I happily send them to my family and they were so happy because they thought they wouldn’t see pictures nor photos since I was alone.

At the ceremony they called us by our names and in a big screen it¬†showed our flags and names as well. We shake hands with our manager and take our certificates, which is folded as a Diploma from university, very cute. After the ceremony they had for us cakes, sandwiches, tea, coffee and a selection of juices. I really liked the ceremony, it felt like I was graduating from College again, very organized and pretty. This is the second time I graduated from a Aviation college and I ¬†must say, this one felt very special. After 2 months of training and 6 months overall of probation I finally Graduated and now I’m officially an Emirates Cabin Crew. I’m so proud of myself of getting this far and for working in such an world class airline.

The sky is the limit, but for some…the sky is our home!


After the Golden Call..Medical tests.

I must say, the entire process of becoming cabin crew is nerve-wracking. From the time you submit your application, to your assessment day, to your final interview and searching information on the web, forums, blogs or even¬† in the facebook page “Emirates approval in progress status”¬† while preparing yourself with the nervousness of making it through every stage; and¬†when finally you pass every stage and interview, the waiting begins to receive the Golden Call.

After you receive the Golden call eventually you’ll receive an email stating that you have being succesful through the process for the cabin crew position and also, all the paperwork and medical exams that¬†had to be put together. NO, you are not done!

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The Golden Call


Last Night I was so desperate on getting my Golden Call that I¬†couldn’t sleep, wondering when, WHEN I’ll receive that call!! My boyfriend arrived late from work at 2am and¬†we started talking, eventually talking about Emirates UGH! “Why they don’t call me?” I asked my boyfriend and myself. I’ve known cases that the status maintains as “JFIP” for 2-3 months and they don’t call you ahhh!! I began to be paranoid and anxious so my boyfriend took away my phone put it on top of my night table and Continue reading “The Golden Call”

Joining Formalities

..and litle bit of my life status

After the final interview you noticed that applying for this job either you’ll learn how to be patient or simply/completely lose your mind! The waiting is horrible and you get obsessed by checking your application status every hour! Even though¬†you know the¬†working hours in Dubai, you constantly check your application! You just have that faith and curiosity of maybe, just maybe the status¬†have changed.


The waiting is 4 weeks, you can either have the succesful Golden Call or be rejected at the end of the period time, although there’s been some cases when they’ve called people after the 4 weeks. But at this moment they’re going pretty fast, they’re doing interviews around the world, calling and scheduling for the joining process as well.

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9 steps to success

In life we all have something to pursue, an objective and dreams to accomplish that makes us individual and special. Without goals and dreams life would be¬†meaningless, It’s the reason we wake up¬†each morning,¬†pushing ourselves to succeed.

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