Kangaroos in Brisbane, Australia!

Hello again!

My previous post I wrote about my lovely multisector Singapore-Brisbane-Singapore. That is 2 layover days at Singapore and 1 at Brisbane. So I decided to divide the trip on my posts, previous one was about Singapore, this post I’ll share my lovely stayed at Brisbane.

I had only one thing in mind when I knew I was going to Brisbane, that was, visiting the Koala Sanctuary. In my flight one of the crew was Australian and he was joking and laughing at me because I have this obsession with kangaroos, obviously this theme of conversation with an Australian is overrated haha! ūüôā . I love, L O V E animals! I’ve always wanted a farm with all bunch of animals and that be my job, although I do love aviation, but I also have a passion for animals; still my mom thinks I did the wrong BA in Education rather than Veterinarian. The point is, I IMG_6685decided to visit the Koala Sanctuary, there I can cuddle koalas, seat and feed the kangaroos and the sanctuary has this kind of farm style, they really take good care of the animals, is not like a Zoo. I don’t like zoo’s by the way.¬†Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the world’s first and largest koala sanctuary, with 80 years of experience and over 130 koalas. With almost 100 species of Australian native animals only, the sanctuary is one of the very few sanctuaries in the world where visitors are allowed to hold koalas. You can also¬†¬†feed and pet the free kangaroos in the 5-acre kangaroo reserve. Kangaroos are sometimes seen with a joey in their pouch, but for my luck I didn’t see any ūüė¶ sniff! ¬†Furthermore, I enjoyed a whole day with cute animals around me, specially laying down with the kangaroos, finally! The mini shows were nice, the sheep station¬†show as well, the people were very friendly and so on. I definitely recommend this place in Brisbane. Don’t miss it.


Selfies with kangaroos! so cute!:



More kangaroos:


This male kangaroo was so big!! Look at those muscles and biceps!!



And some other cute animals at the reserve:


I loved the Sheep station!:

Hope you enjoyed the visit through the reserve!