10 Tips on How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

My first Long-Haul flight (12+hours) was when I moved from Puerto Rico to Dubai, took me a day and a half to get to the desert. I was intimidated by the flight time from New York to Dubai: 12 delicious hours. I remember I was so anxious, bored, I watched like 6 movies, watched the sunset like 2 times, watched the sunrise as well, ate dinner, lunch, breakfast, slept I don’t know how many hours, I even got older and yet that plane hadn’t landed. That was the time I was on my way to develop as a long haul flight expertise and I didn’t even knew…

I’ve done so many long haul flights as cabin crew and as passenger that people ask me, how do I survive these long deadly flights. I don’t do them that often anymore but when I do, I know what to expect.  These tips are more general and experiences that I’ve learned through time, and traveling. Some tips may help you, some might not. It depends actually from each person’s view and likes.  People often say it’s about the journey, not the destination – but poor planning can make a long-haul flight less than agreeable.

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