Best Layover, with him.

ed & kirA lot of people have been asking me if I’m still with my boyfriend and how is it going so far. The answer is yes, we are still together, more than ever! I’ve been working a lot with minimum rest days and still trying to swap any flight for a USA flight, so I can spend time with my boyfriend, but it has been almost impossible! Until this month, I had Washington DC. My boyfriend managed to swap his shifts and traveled to Washington just to see me for a 24 hrs layover. I was -or- WE were so excited about finally get to see each other after 4 months.  I really don’t think I should write more about how is our relationship but of how we’ve maintain our relationship. Before that post; a quick stop of how was my best layover, with him.

A lot people called us crazy, pointless, stressful, long distance relationship don’t work, they pity us and so on. For us, we actually don’t care, a 24 hours layover felt like a week. It was precious, time gold, happiness… Continue reading “Best Layover, with him.”

Boyfriend visit Dubai


On an entire week off duty, I decided to informed my boyfriend so if he could try to pay a visit. He managed to give away all of his shifts for that week in one day! I honestly didn’t imagine him to come and I couldn’t believe I was going to finally see the man of my life in 3 days. I washed and dry my hair straight, nice and smooth. Put on some nice make-up and his favorite vanilla coconut perfume. Went so excited to pick him up at the airport, I didn’t knew how I was going to react. After all, it’s been 4 months since the last time we saw each other.

IMG_5212I was at the Emirates arrivals, his flight already landed, everybody was disembarking but I couldn’t see him! So desperately I started to call him, he picks up “Hun..” and I was like crazy “Where are youuu? I can’t find you!…Can you hear me?”  While he responds to me very sweet and calm way -“I’m behind you, my love”.  That moment when I turned, my eyes started to bring tears of joy. I ran and jumped on him, I hugged him like it was no tomorrow. We both started to cry a little bit while staring at each other…  and so let our week journey begin.

First thing we did was, I took him to see the Burj Khalifa tower, then went to my favorite coffee shop in Dubai Mall, Angelina. Spent the sunset at Burj Al Arab, shopping at the souk, even took him to Emirates HQ so he can see the giants A380 taking off, we walked around the city and finally the Safari which he enjoyed so much. A whole week just with him. I even founded Dubai interesting for a moment. We only decided to stay-in one day, we just wanted to lay down, chat and eat. I’m so grateful to have this man as my boyfriend. Even though we’re facing a tough distance, he’s still beside me and supporting me. Everywhere he goes, he talks about me, he lives my success, he’s proud of me. He is my sustenance of everyday, my reason of not quitting when I feel so homesick. Everyday I walked into an aircraft is a less day left to see him one more time.

A man who loves you will never ask you quit your dreams, will always support you, ‘will live your pains and glories, IMG_5164he will never find distance, thus he’ll find challenges in the relationship but never resign, you’ll be his vow, you’ll be his reason, you’ll be his life. And when distance puts a challenge between the two, that’s when you find out how real the love is. As for my experience, I found my other half. We’re facing both a professional phase in which we physically can’t be together, but this is not a forever-ever chapter. I’ll keep making him proud as he makes me everyday. Can’t wait for my first annual leave vacation, visit you and be in your arms.

Long distance relationship is not meant for everyone…is for those who truly want to be together. If you both want, you both will, and will succeed.

This is how it is…a Flight Attendant relationship.


Flight Attendant and Boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend

Several acquaintances and some other “friends” are trying to keep my boyfriend and I busy by acknowledging that our relationship is not going to last no longer than 6 months due to our new lifestyle we’re embarking. I don’t waste my time trying to understand my so-called friends or people who just want to disturb us with such expressions. We’re a different couple with a different lifestyle thus they’ll never understand our relationship; and why would they anyhow? Moreover, this is a top topic that comes along with any other topic! which I don’t mind being asked though, but when  my boyfriend and I began to explain and talk about us, everybody just maintains silence while a soft voice comes out from one of them and says “You guys are meant to be together…”

There’s so many relationships that consist in understanding and patience development, such as being a Doctor, a Military, Pilot or in my case, being a Flight Attendant. Therefore being a flight attendant and having a relationship is Continue reading “Flight Attendant and Boyfriend”

Sunflowers and Bees

Today 4 of my beautiful sunflowers bloomed! They’re indeed my favorite flower of all. As I sat in my terrace admiring the beauty of my ladies, my beautiful sunflowers, with my mother along with my chihuahua and the new room-mate the cat, I notice there are more bees than the usual. I’m a very nature person and believe that having more bees around is actually positive, which in fact It is!. I’m not actually afraid of them, I don’t kill them or yell like a bimbo whenever there’s a Bee flying around. They are not just ‘bugs’ you see…

We humans can’t leave without bees, we NEED them to survive. Bees are essential to the human food, and not just the honey they produce, you see, insects supports one-third of human crop growth, and of this number, honeybees are responsible for 80%. What others sort of crops?  Apples, nuts, avocados, soybeans, watermelons, cucumbers, avocado, broccoli, strawberries and peaches AMONG others. If we do not protect them or do something about it, we might end up reverting to diets composed solely of bread and water. Oh and since the cows depend on bees to pollinate the plants they eat, we’d also be without meat if all bees died off. Simple, No bees + No pollinate=No food.

Plant anything in your garden or any kind of flowers, help improve the colony collapse disorder (since we already destroyed so much of their habitat..) and please don’t kill them, they’re not a plague.

To conclude, while I was admiring my ladies as I said above, I enjoyed the workaholic bees pollinate my beautiful sunflower garden, and of course I took some photos. I’m so happy I get to see my flowers bloom before I move to Dubai.

Enjoy. =)




My Garden


“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth,

man would have no more than four years to live”.

-Albert Einstein