After the Golden Call..Medical tests.

I must say, the entire process of becoming cabin crew is nerve-wracking. From the time you submit your application, to your assessment day, to your final interview and searching information on the web, forums, blogs or even  in the facebook page “Emirates approval in progress status”  while preparing yourself with the nervousness of making it through every stage; and when finally you pass every stage and interview, the waiting begins to receive the Golden Call.

After you receive the Golden call eventually you’ll receive an email stating that you have being succesful through the process for the cabin crew position and also, all the paperwork and medical exams that had to be put together. NO, you are not done!

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Final Interview Emirates

On a previous post of assessment day of Emirates, I wrote about the process, the elimination and some tips that it can be handy for you. Now, let me share my final interview with all of those who are looking forward to apply, passed the assessment or are in the process for this final step.

First, the recruiter will  give you a list of all documents that you need to bring along with 1 full length professional/business attire photo (4×6), 1 profile professional photo (4×6), 1 full length casual photo (4×6), 1 half-body casual photo (4×6) and 6 passport photos.

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What to expect at Emirates assessment day..


So, you applied on Emirates online page and received an invitation to attend the assessment day (yeiii!!!) OR there’s an open day in your city in which you can attend and hand over your CV without an invitation. Therefore, you would like to know what to expect in order to be more prepared and successful. I would like to share my experience, maybe it can help some people.

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